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  1. This is great news. Going to Cutters games is a significant part of my summer activities.
  2. I don't go to many games, but I think it's worth keep Bowman Field up to date and having the Cutters as a franchise.
  3. I don't go to any games and think too much money is being spent to keep the Cutters here, even if it comes from accounts other than the General Fund.
  1. The closure was necessary because the city does not have the funds to pay for the necessary modernization.
  2. Given the survey results with expressed favorability for a pool in the park and the support from the Brandon Park Commission, city leaders should have tried to find the money to pay for mordernization.
  3. It was the correct decision, but the Brandon Park Commission should have been consulted much more on the issue.
  1. She should step down from the school board.
  2. The six board members who voted to appoint her with such prior knowledge or did not research it thoroughly should step down.
  3. She should be given a chance to prove she can be a viable school board member and the remaining school board members need to show they have learned their lessons and become more responsible in their handling of overall school district business.
  1. Better.
  2. Worse.
  3. It's hard to say whether President Obama and his administration have made the country, including its place in the world, better or worse in the past eight years.
  1. Only if it's a Democrat.
  2. Only if it's a Republican.
  3. Anyone would be an improvement over the current president.
  4. None of them will be an improvement over the current president.
  5. Some of the choices may be an improvement, but I need to learn more.
  1. Yes. Delegates to the convention will be the most informed people on the proper choice of a presidential candidate for the party.
  2. No. The delegate count should be determined proportionately based on the voting results of the citizens going to the polls.
  1. Yes. I have a definite preference for who I would like as a party nominee and intend to make it known, especially since it will have a greater impact than normal on the primary race.
  2. No. I am disgusted with the race these races have been run and disappointed in general with all of the presidential nominees.
  1. That's fine. He's trying to open ties with Cuba, he has plenty of people monitoring the terrorist situation that he can reach on a moment's notice. There's no reason to change the visit and allow terrorists the satisfaction of disrupting the U.S. business
  2. The optics were atrocious, disrespectful to victims and showed the president is out-of-touch and stubbornly tone-deaf to the priority that should be placed on defeating world terrorism.
  1. Whoever has the most delegates should get the nomination. Otherwise, there will be a party revolt.
  2. The idea is to win the presidency. Delegates, not party bosses, should decide who gets the nomination based on who the majority believes is most capable of winning the presidential election.
  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Bernie Sanders
  3. Joe Biden, if he changes his mind and makes a late run
  4. Someone else, none of these nominees would be a quality president
  5. No one, I never vote for a Democrat for president.
  1. Donald Trump
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Marco Rubio
  4. John Kasich
  5. Someone else
  6. Don't care, I always vote Democrat for president
  1. Having golf course management specialists operate the course should increase patronage and improve the financial bottom line, both overall positives.
  2. Having golf course management specialists operate the course should increase patronage and improve the financial bottom line, both overall positives.
  3. These are the experts, it will help the county and the golf course in countless ways.
  4. I can't see this having any impact on whether people use the golf course.
  5. It's a sound move, but I hope the recreation authority will be maintained in an important advisory capacity.
  1. Yes, the state needs fresh revenue to support its budget and the energy industry is profiting off Pennsylvania land.
  2. No, the industry is going through a downturn and will pull up stakes if there are more taxes.
  3. No, the industry already is paying its fair share.
  1. That's fine, the county has to pay for the budgetary shortfalls so the commissioners might as well have control of the ongoing operation.
  2. I preferred the recreation authority, which included golfers, having some say so over the operation.
  1. Great. We need all the police we can get to patrol Williamsport, given its crime and drug problems.
  2. The city should have saved the budgetary costs. We can't afford another tax increase like this year's.
  3. Glad for the hire, but I am concerned about the city's long-term costs and future budgets and tax increases.
  1. Sad. I love winter, ice skating and snow-related activities.
  2. Happy. Once the New Year hits, I am ready for spring.
  3. Grateful. The relatively temperate winter is saving lots on energy costs.
  1. Absolutely. We have crime problems in the city and desperately need all the new police that can be afforded.
  2. No. All that money needs to be saved so the city can avoid another major tax hike such as the one included in the 2016 city budget.
  3. The city should hire more police by cutting other areas of the city budget and saving the business privilege revenues as a hedge against budget problems in 2017.
  1. No, once people actually begin voting, they will pull the lever for the more mainstream choice of Mrs. Clinton.
  2. Yes, Sanders' growing popularity reflects a growing uneasiness with Mrs. Clinton's political vulnerability brought on by the Benghazi attack handling, an e-mail server investigation and questionable leadership during her time as Secretary of State.
  3. Yes, the country is moving more in a Far Left direction reflective in Sanders' stances.
  1. Abort the project and pay the penalty for canceling contracts. It will be a bargain compared with the long-term and unnecessary fiscal damage being done to the district for this $36 million plan.
  2. Let the building proceed as contracted. The district needs this work done and it was legal approved. Trying to stop everything is just dividing the district and the community.
  3. Let the newly formed citizens group seeking answers, progress and transparency establish itself and give some helpful input before the next step is taken. This seems to be the one objective, unifying possibility to emerge.
  1. He's correct. The Legislature should have given him everything he wanted, which included large hikes in state education spending and sales and income tax increases to support it.
  2. He's wrong. The governor's plan called for a 10 percent spending increase the state could not afford, tax increases residents can't afford and solved none of the state's long-term problems.
  3. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter who is right or wrong, it's January and the state needs a budget.


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