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  1. Yes, it apparently was the only way the work would have gotten done.
  2. No, these improvements should have been paid for in other ways.
  3. I'm glad for the work but it's a shame this was necessary to fund it. It shows long-term inefficiency by state leaders.
  1. Yes, it's a big improvement in my health care coverage.
  2. No, the website is difficult, the coverage is not as affordable as promised, and the concept is faulty.
  3. I haven't signed up yet but intend to.
  4. I haven't signed up yet and am praying it will be repealed.
  5. And don't need to sign up because I get my health care through my employer, but I am worried about what is going to happen when the employer mandate kicks in.
  1. Yes. The increases are necessary to bail out the Federal Emergency Management Agency and owners of flood-prone homes are the logical people to pay for that.
  2. Not quite enough. The federal government had the money to bail out the auto industry, so it has the money to save the flood protection system without penalizing average homeowners beyond what they already pay for flood insurance.
  3. The act should be repealed before it strangles the nation's real estate industry. It's a a travesty.
  1. The worst winter I can remember, snow, frigid cold and soaring heating bills.
  2. Bad, but it could have been worse, as other areas got the brunt of many of the snowstorms.
  3. Not so bad, I'm a winter person.
  1. Disqualification of Russia from all alliances it is currently part of.
  2. The use of some pinpointed force should Putin strike regions near Russia.
  3. A world economic boycott and economic sanctions against Russia.
  4. Do nothing. It's not our concern.
  1. For the legislation, employees should have the say over whether they want to contribute for such purposes and who they want to contribute to.
  2. Against it, that's part of belonging to a public employee union, to give the organization the power to use the membership numbers as a lobbying force for particular causes and candidates.
  1. Between the snow and the extreme cold, it's the roughest winter I can remember.
  2. It's been tough, but not as harsh as most people are making it out to be.
  3. It only seems harsh because we've had several comparatively easier winters in recent years.
  4. I love winter, so the snow and cold never bother me.
  1. Yes, I suspect he is a longtime user and am not fooled by his claims that he is a victim of a Major League Baseball witchhunt.
  2. No, I wish his appeal would have reached the trial phase to expose Major League Baseball's hypocrisy.
  3. Not sure what to think, would have liked the appeal to reach the trial phase to gain more insight into both the Rodriguez case the performance enhancement drug use situation in Major League Baseball as a whole.
  1. Yes, it's overdue.
  2. No, the private sector needs the freedom to operate as it sees fit.
  3. There's no reason why minimum wage hires should effect employment opportunity.
  1. No. Police procedures are no one else's business and releasing them could further endanger public safety.
  2. Yes. An innocent motorist was killed, so an explanation from police about their chase policy and whether it was followed was appropriate to prevent the perception of a cover-up.
  1. Great hire. A Pennsylvania guy who has already won at a school that emphasizes academics within its athletic program.
  2. Disappointed. I wanted someone within the "Penn State family" hired to be the next coach.
  3. Wait and see. The success of this hire will be judged on whether Franklin can return Penn State to glory on the football field.
  1. Political bipartisanship that leads to problem solving in Washington.
  2. A more robust economy that creates more and better job opportunities.
  3. Foreign policy success that reduces threats to our country's security.
  1. The Obamacare debacle.
  2. The needless partial government shutdown.
  3. An escalation of worldwide tension and security threats to our country.
  4. Somewhat modest but nevertheless a recovering economy.
  1. The religious aspects of it and the meaning behind it.
  2. Giving gifts and visiting with family and friends.
  3. Anything that involves kids, this season is for them.
  1. None. I am continuing to get coverage through my employer and there has been substantial change in that coverage.
  2. My coverage has been dropped or the terms of my care - physician and/or plan - has been changed significantly, the use of the website has been dicey at best and the terms of Obamacare are not what the president promised.
  3. I went on the website, selected my options and I am satisfied with what I've gotten.
  4. I attempted to get on the website and either unable to access it, dissapointed with the information about future health care on it or scared about the privacy I am giving up to enter into the Affordable Care Act.
  1. Yes, I like the convenience of shopping Thanksgiving night and used that time for some of what previously was Black Friday shopping.
  2. No, I am strictly a Black Friday shopper.
  3. No, I don't ever shop at all on Thanksgiving weekend, too much chaos.


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