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  1. Good idea, we need the school property tax reduction and more funding for our local schools.
  2. Bad idea, there's no guarantee the property tax reduction will be permanent, no guarantee that more funding is needed or will produce a better public education product.
  3. It shouldn't be considered until we hear, for the first time, plans from this governor that don't involve increasing taxes.
  1. No, the use of personal email for her Secretary of State affairs is being overblown and is no indicator of her potential as the leader of our country.
  2. Yes, the problem, at the least, shows her continued lack of judgment and, frankly, represents a violation of the email protocol that was supposed to rule her position.
  1. Yes, that's what's needed to erase the state's deficit and increase funding to public education, which is needed.
  2. No, the spending increase is inexcusable when the state is running a deficit, the severance tax will scare off gas companies, we already spend plenty on public education and residents can't afford the other tax increases.
  3. The public education funding boost is needed, but it must be accomplished by finding other areas of the state budget to cut funding so that the overall spending does not increase.
  1. It's a bad idea, especially since the state already has an effective impact fee structure, the industry is currently slumping and increases the possibility they will leave the state for more favorable alternatives.
  2. It's a good idea. The industries can afford it, other states have a gas severance tax and pumping the money into public education is wise.
  3. It is a bad idea especially because the money will go to Harrisburg rather than the communities that are nurturing the gas industry.
  1. Yes, we all have a responsibility to make sure our children are not carrying contagious sicknesses.
  2. No, parents have first rights over the bodies of their children.
  1. It's entirely their responsibility.
  2. This has been imposed by the federal government so the federal government and perhaps state government should pay for most of the cost.
  3. In a perfect world, local non-profits and private entities should help pay for some of the cost, the municipalities should pay for some of it and the state and federal government should pay for some of it.
  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. I get a mixed reading. I am not doing personally better but parts of the economic system seem to be improving.
  1. The Republican Congress, they have to prove they havereally problem-solving legilsation to offer and aren't just "the party of no."
  2. President Obama, he has an obligation to work with what Congress presents to him.
  3. Both, Congress has to send the president reasonable legislation that solves real problems and has broad support and the president has to do more than just veto everything he is sent.
  1. There's nothing wrong with the appointment as long as he is the most qualified applicant and his stepfather had no involvement in the decision.
  2. There's nothing wrong with the appointment but the appearance of nepotism is hard to avoid, no matter how clean and above-board the decision making process by council.
  3. It's pure nepotism.
  1. This is overdue action rectifying a wrong. Coach Paterno was incorrectly scapegoated in the Sandusky case.
  2. The vacating of the wins should stand. As assistant coach under Paterno's watch was convicted of sexually abusing children, some of them on campus, and Coach Paterno did not do enough after being given indications there was something wrong being done.
  3. It's OK the wins are being restored, but the gloating by some Penn State supporters does not reflect the values of humility and sportsmanship espoused and taught by Coach Paterno.
  1. It's a great idea and most other states have the gas severance tax, so it's the way to go.
  2. It's the wrong approach. The gas impact fees are benefitting areas, including ours, where the drilling is occurring. The gas severance tax will get sent into the state's General Fund and our area will not benefit from the revenues.
  3. I am OK with the tax if the law is written so that our area will receive the same or greater benefit from natural gas revenues as it does not now and maintain flexibility in how to use those funds.
  1. A reduction in and events portending the defeat of world terrorism.
  2. A thriving American and world economy.
  3. Less division and more action based on bipartisan consensus among political leaders in Washington.
  4. A continuation in the trend of increasing American energy independence, which would reduce the impact of our foreign policy concerns and help the consumer health of all our citizens.
  1. World terrorism that particularly spotlights the American way of life is a greater threat than ever.
  2. Racist tendencies and race relations in this country remain problematic.
  3. Lower gas prices show what can happen when American oil and natural gas production is allowed to thrive.
  4. The November election showed most Americans are unhappy with the policies of the Obama administration the past six years.
  1. It doesn't matter. The new health care law provides coverage to more Americans and that's a good thing, no matter the manner in which it was passed.
  2. It's insulting and indicative of the sort of arrogance that comes with the social engineers and big-government politicos that have been dominating Washington the past six years.
  1. The grand jury courageously made the correct ruling based on the evidence it was given.
  2. It's another example of the racism that still exists in America.
  3. The whole situation has been fueled by politicians and other who make a living out of race-baiting.
  1. No, I am already financially strained from the taxes I pay to the city, county and school district.
  2. Yes, city streets need attention and public safety is the city's biggest issue right now.
  1. It makes no sense, given that the pipeline has passed environmental reviews, has great job-generating capability, would improve the country's energy independence and save costs at the gasoline pump.
  2. It's the correct action, given the environmental threats and disruption to farmlands that the pipeline would cause.
  1. It's the correct action that triggers long-overdue changes in our immigration system.
  2. It creates even more chaos at our borders and within our employment and social service networks.
  3. It's a slap in the face of everyone who has immigrating legally into this country for two centuries.
  4. The better course would have been to wait until the new year, when the president and the new Republican majority in the House and Senate could have negotiated immigration reform, starting with the securing of our borders.
  1. Understandable, given increased costs for prison overcrowding, the heroin problem, pensions, health care and landfill operations.
  2. Disappointing, considering our landfill has been making money for years and it doesn't appear any personnel cuts are planned.
  3. Hopefully not a done deal, and the next month will be spend re-examining what can be done to prevent a tax increase.
  1. Nothing. President Obama is not willing to compromise on his own agenda, which is the wrong direction for the country.
  2. Nothing. The Republican majority is not willing to the meeting President Obama halfway on his policies, make sense.
  3. Plenty. History shows that much program can occur when the president and the House and Senate majorities represent different.
  4. It's hard to tell how much can be accomplished because President Obama's ideas are so far to the left that it will be nearly impossible to gain consensus with the House and Senate, even if the attitude is one of compromise.


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