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  1. It's an example of police mistreatment of black people in this country.
  2. it's an example of how race-baiting and media slants create unrest in this country and steer the country's interests away from the actual facts in the matter.
  3. It's testament that we have not reached the point in this country where we can wait for actual facts to be uncovered when there is a white-black tragedy.
  1. Similar to what the Obama administration is doing, selective strikes against the Islamic State, humanitarian aid, and airlift rescures of Christians who are under siege.
  2. We don't belong there at all. It's a situation beyond our control.
  3. We withdrew too quickly and completely, and now we are paying the price, an emboldened terroristic, barbaric threat whose goal is to establish themselves in the Mideast and then come after the United States. That threat must be expunged with a full attack
  1. All of it. I look forward to it every year.
  2. Some of it, whenever the schedule allows.
  3. None of it, just not in my plans.
  1. No, they are allowed and capable of handling such activities while addressing serious issues affecting the country.
  2. Yes, its distasteful and indicates a president, no matter who it is, is tone-deaf to the realities affecting the country.
  3. It depends on the seriousness and complexity of the event. In this case the fundraising appearance should have been canceled.
  1. It resolves nothing because it did not address the state's looming pension crisis and privatization of the liquor system, which could have raised needed revenues.
  2. It's a fair budget with no tax increases at a time when the state's revenues are lagging.
  3. It's didn't need to be late. All it needed was a gas severance tax to raise more revenue.
  1. $4 a gallon.
  2. $4.50 a gallon.
  3. $5 a gallon.
  4. None. All of my car uses are either necessary or it is just not something I will do without. I will find other means to save money if I need to.
  1. Drone strikes designed to eliminate insurgent rebels and restore the current Iraqi leadership to full power.
  2. Limited military presence on the ground designed to help Iraqi forces hold off insurgents.
  3. Do nothing. This is Iraq's problem to solve.
  1. Take the windfall from privatization of the liquor store system to solve the revenue shortfall and reform the pension system to eliminate a future crisis.
  2. Add a severance tax on gas drilling companies in addition to the impact fees they already pay.
  3. Cut expenses, including those for education and human services programs, to bring the total budget cost in line with projected revenues.
  1. Yes, that's part of being in a public employee union. It's one for all and all for one and the leadership has the right to determine what causes and candidates to support.
  2. No, this is counter to the free decision-making ability all Americans are supposed to have when it comes to exercising their political rights.
  1. Movement of the public employee pension plan for those hired in the future to a defined benefits plan similar to those in the private sector.
  2. Movement of the pension plan to defined benefits for future employees and current employees age 30 or younger.
  3. Leave the system alone and increase state contributions to it to make it solvent. It's not the employees' fault that irresponsible decisions were made in the past.
  1. A complete administrative housecleaning, not just the head but everyone in management positions. Their obvious lack of attention to the system of care for our wounded vets is shameful.
  2. Criminal charges. Wait lists and falsified records to get monetary bonuses is fraud, plain and simple.
  3. Surgical but careful discipline of those directly involved with the problem. Given the number of vets to be cared for from a decade of war is creating an understandable backlog and related problems.
  1. Yes, people can't survive on the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.
  2. No, all this hike would do is result in more unemployment due to higher wage costs.
  1. Yes, it's the future centerpiece for downtown, with ideas that fit the future in a multi-purpose arena, commercial/office development, a transit center and town square greenery, certainly worthy of the cost.
  2. No, the city has a tight budget and must have budget room to accommodate police protection needs, given current circumstances.
  1. Yes, the committee appointed last week and the upcoming investigation is a political witchhunt and a waste of time.
  2. No, the administration's continual stonewalling and blaming of a video for the attack - since proven inaccurate - are evidence that information was being withheld and the incident deserves more probing.
  3. I don't know what to think and am hopeful the committee probe will clear up the fog regarding this issue.
  1. Yes, it has no more impact on humans than beer, wine or liquor - all legal - and would take away much of the illegal drug market.
  2. No, it is a gateway drug to other drugs such as heroin and is much more damaging on the brain, even for casual users, than people have been led to believe.
  1. Not very important because it's only one issue among dozens that elected leaders to Congress make decisions on.
  2. Somewhat important because health care is among the top two or three issues impacting our daily lives.
  3. The sole issue on which I will base my vote because it so fundamentally changes my own life and impacts one sixth of the American economy not to mention the entire health care system.
  1. Yes, it apparently was the only way the work would have gotten done.
  2. No, these improvements should have been paid for in other ways.
  3. I'm glad for the work but it's a shame this was necessary to fund it. It shows long-term inefficiency by state leaders.


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