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  1. Great. We need all the police we can get to patrol Williamsport, given its crime and drug problems.
  2. The city should have saved the budgetary costs. We can't afford another tax increase like this year's.
  3. Glad for the hire, but I am concerned about the city's long-term costs and future budgets and tax increases.
  1. Sad. I love winter, ice skating and snow-related activities.
  2. Happy. Once the New Year hits, I am ready for spring.
  3. Grateful. The relatively temperate winter is saving lots on energy costs.
  1. Absolutely. We have crime problems in the city and desperately need all the new police that can be afforded.
  2. No. All that money needs to be saved so the city can avoid another major tax hike such as the one included in the 2016 city budget.
  3. The city should hire more police by cutting other areas of the city budget and saving the business privilege revenues as a hedge against budget problems in 2017.
  1. No, once people actually begin voting, they will pull the lever for the more mainstream choice of Mrs. Clinton.
  2. Yes, Sanders' growing popularity reflects a growing uneasiness with Mrs. Clinton's political vulnerability brought on by the Benghazi attack handling, an e-mail server investigation and questionable leadership during her time as Secretary of State.
  3. Yes, the country is moving more in a Far Left direction reflective in Sanders' stances.
  1. Abort the project and pay the penalty for canceling contracts. It will be a bargain compared with the long-term and unnecessary fiscal damage being done to the district for this $36 million plan.
  2. Let the building proceed as contracted. The district needs this work done and it was legal approved. Trying to stop everything is just dividing the district and the community.
  3. Let the newly formed citizens group seeking answers, progress and transparency establish itself and give some helpful input before the next step is taken. This seems to be the one objective, unifying possibility to emerge.
  1. He's correct. The Legislature should have given him everything he wanted, which included large hikes in state education spending and sales and income tax increases to support it.
  2. He's wrong. The governor's plan called for a 10 percent spending increase the state could not afford, tax increases residents can't afford and solved none of the state's long-term problems.
  3. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter who is right or wrong, it's January and the state needs a budget.
  1. The terror caused by radical Islam and the Islamic State
  2. Racial divides and violence that sparked a wide variety of tragedies
  3. Continued economic struggles triggered by questionable policies
  4. An already heated presidential election campaign
  5. The growing conflict between immigration, refugees and infiltrating terrorists
  1. Donald Trump
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Ben Carson
  4. Marco Rubio
  5. Chris Christie
  6. Jeb Bush
  7. Someone else
  1. No, at this point, it's time to approve whatever budget compromise can be reached, and get the schools, social services agencies and non-profits that depend on the funding out of limbo.
  2. Yes, given the state's economic circumstances, there is no way the budget should include a 6 percent spending increase and major tax increases.
  1. No. They have not infiltrated our country enough to be a viable threat.
  2. Yes. It's obvious in some of the terrorist events recently that ISIS has established itself in this country and is planning more terror. The threat will remain until this country and a coalition of others strike ISIS hard.
  3. Fragments of the ISIS movement are here. It is incumbent on all our national security entities to be aware of the threats, and prosecute those it can uncover.
  1. More than usual
  2. Less then usual
  3. The same amount as always
  1. Let them in as they are now being let in. The vetting process is adequate.
  2. Don't let them in but rather establish a sanctuary in a no-fly zone in their homeland that is protected by NATO forces.
  3. Pause the process until property vetting can be established to guarantee terrorists will not be part of the influx of refugees.
  1. We should be vigilant of our own borders and use increased surveillance where terror cells exist.
  2. We need to hunt them down and expunge them, with ground troops where necessary, because they are on record desiring to attack our borders.
  3. The answer is a world alliance, including Russia, against these terrorists. Without that element, there's no point in making policy changes.
  1. The Legislature is to blame for not giving in on Gov. Wolf's plans to add a gas severance tax, and increase sales and income taxes to pay for a 10 percent increase in state spending necessary to improve education funding and other needs.
  2. The governor is to blame for adding a gas severance tax to an industry in a downturn, increasing other taxes and increasing spending beyond the state's means. There's no way the Legislature should give in to that.
  1. I would like to but to date most of the forums have not been moderated in a way that I can determine where candidates stand on issues?
  2. Of course, they are a much more valuable tool than the staged political rallies and gotcha interviews that most of the networks specialize in.
  3. No, they are much too politicized and biased on the part of the questioners, particularly the most recent one by CNBC.
  1. No. I've lost faith in the process.
  2. Yes. There are many races of interest that merit my vote.
  3. I'm voting, but only because I always have out of respect for our democratic process and the sacrifices made to preserve it.
  1. Those relations are much better in our region.
  2. Those relations match the significant unease felt elsewhere.
  3. Those relations are even worse than elsewhere.
  1. None. I don't believe his views influence the way most Americans live their lives, politically, morally or otherwise.
  2. It was significant. The pope reset our moral guides that are supposed to be what this country is all about.
  3. Only time will measure whether his impact had significant social or political impact.
  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Bernie Sanders
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Carly Fiorina
  5. Marco Rubio
  6. Jeb Bush
  7. Ben Carson
  8. Someone else
  1. No, it's nothing more than a Republican overreach designed to sabotage her presidential campaign.
  2. Yes, her explanations to date are very suspicious and meant to cover up for very poor judgment at the least and possibly a criminal offense.


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