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What is the correct posture for the United States in the current Iraq crisis?

  1. Similar to what the Obama administration is doing, selective strikes against the Islamic State, humanitarian aid, and airlift rescures of Christians who are under siege.
  2. We don't belong there at all. It's a situation beyond our control.
  3. We withdrew too quickly and completely, and now we are paying the price, an emboldened terroristic, barbaric threat whose goal is to establish themselves in the Mideast and then come after the United States. That threat must be expunged with a full attack
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Sep-01-14 11:17 PM

Snatch a couple of ISIS fighters and inject them with Ebola and send them back to their units.Problem solved.

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Aug-25-14 10:18 AM

The problem is, we are trying to get a people that have been fighting for decades to conform to the ideology of how we live and survive. Keep in mind America is still a baby country compared and we have our own major issues. The question that needs to be asked is who are we as a people to pass judgment on someone else and their lifestyle. Cut them off completely from the world and let them mature on their own. We need to stop being a policing nation for every country out there and worry about our own. Close our borders and bring back manufacturing here. We see ourselves as a giant in this world, but to be honest were just a big bully.

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Aug-21-14 10:24 AM

Point one - we left Iraq because they refused to allow our sevice men and women to be immune from the Iraqi judicial system. The right call. You want your son dragged in front of a shariah court because he looked sideways at a waitress?

Point two - this was all pre-ordained to happen the second we left the country; if we had stayed longer we just would have been postponing it.

Point three - its time to annihilate these walking piles of dung. Use every, and I mean EVERY, means necessary. Its time to take our world back.

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Aug-21-14 8:28 AM

Mercury2- I couldnt disagree more with you.

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Aug-20-14 11:53 AM

The question (poll) the S/G should have asked,"Who likes WAR"? I see from this poll,54% do, so 'saddle-up' and grab your gun and kiss the family 'goodbye'!! I'll see you on the 'nightly news' maybe in a 'bodybag'! One thing you can't shoot is 'paranoia'!! Mr. President most of America 'backs you' but, you won't find it in the S/G!

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Aug-20-14 11:26 AM

I'm afraid the same will hold true in Afghanistan. One thing I will never understand is why we leave hundreds of bases overseas, many that were established following WWII, that no longer have any relevance, but in areas where these bases are needed to ensure continued stability after we attempt to restore order, we pick up and leave completely. Take a look at the bases we have in Germany, England, Italy, Japan, etc. Yet we abandon places where they are really needed.

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Aug-20-14 5:50 AM

Obama is great at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as he has done in Iraq.

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