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The best posture for America regarding the Iraqi crisis is:

  1. Drone strikes designed to eliminate insurgent rebels and restore the current Iraqi leadership to full power.
  2. Limited military presence on the ground designed to help Iraqi forces hold off insurgents.
  3. Do nothing. This is Iraq's problem to solve.
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Sep-03-14 7:35 PM

For starters we need to send Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld over to Irag to face charges of crimes against humanity.Then we we could bring them back here to face the same charges...oh..that's right, they wouldn't be coming back which is just as well. Sorry if this idea hurts the feelings of you hardcore chicken hawk types. Just go back to polishing your guns.

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Jul-07-14 12:13 PM

I don’t think any of these answers will work. If you let it go like “C” they will grow to massive numbers and it won’t be long till they broaden out even further. Drone attacks although effective won’t take care of the leaders that need to be killed and putting troops on the ground will just cost more American lives. I joked before about turning sand to glass but to be honest not all the people over there are bad and not all of them hate the US. but I will say this, if our news media were to report about ALL the violence in the US I think people would have a different perspective of other countries. Maybe we should bring the military home and form a huge task force to eliminate gangs and major drug dealers. But I guess that would put some politicians out of business.

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Jul-07-14 12:00 PM

In 2013 only 4.4% of our oil came from Iraq. Actually down 29% from 2003...

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Jul-04-14 6:14 PM


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Jul-03-14 12:43 PM

Cap: I thought we went to war in Iraq for 'WMDs'back then.Iraq,Bush and oil,now I get it! Thanks for clearing that up.

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Jul-02-14 12:52 PM

d. Carpet bombing.

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Jul-02-14 12:48 PM

Mercury, too much blood has already been spilled in the name of foreign oil.

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Jul-02-14 10:12 AM

You 'C' voters have a new motto,"We don't need no stink'n OIL"!

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