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Regarding the partial shutdown of the federal government . . .

  1. Blame the Republican-controlled Congress. The health care law is in effect and they have no right to block its implementation.
  2. Blame President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate. They know the law is not ready but aren't willing to swallow their egos for the good of the country and allow the government to remain open while improvements are made to the health care legislatio
  3. Blame all involved parties. They are simply unwilling to work together to reach consensus on common sense solutions to the health care law and the federal budget in general.
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Oct-15-13 9:13 PM

There's nothing really to vote on here. The House refuses to allow a vote on a clean CR. And the House Republicans changed the rules (see HR 368) so that only the Majority Leader can bring such a bill to the floor. They rigged the game.

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Oct-15-13 10:59 AM

President Obama didn't have to read it, he wrote it! I love people like you, you care more about anything else except you health! Good luck on that on!

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Oct-15-13 10:58 AM

Triumph, The ACA is not government healthcare. You want government healthcare? Join the military. The ACA is the exact conservative think tank Heritage Foundation proposal put forth around 1993-94 when President Clinton was attempting to overhaul healthcare. Why Republicans have a problem with their own plan is beyond me. The individual mandate is something straight out of conservative ideological freeloaders. And the President only spends what congress authorizes, so blame should go everywhere on that. Here's a solution to solve the big business once again. Like we used to.

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Oct-14-13 12:30 PM

Obama has probably never read it either, give us a break! Let's see if any of his family sign up for it! Congress never read it either, remember, it had to be voted on "right now" you have to vote on it and then read it, nancy pelosi, remember? How quickly we forget.

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Oct-14-13 11:06 AM

I'm guessing if the Sun-Gazette would take a poll on how many people actually read the "Affordable Care Act"the poll would look a little different. To the Sun-Gazette, why not ask the question,"If you took the poll did you really read the "ACA" before voting?"The problem with "Obamacare" is the President's name is attached and if you hate President Obama that's your reason to not vote for it!I have a bridge for sale for those type of people!

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Oct-14-13 10:10 AM

The solution to this party politics problem is "Term Limits." 8 years only for Congress. 12 years only for the Senate. No Lifers ever again, Not even the Supreme Court.

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Oct-14-13 10:06 AM

As my Mom would say, "You're yellin' before you're hurt." The ACA has flaws, and like SS, it will improve as time goes by. So, save your breath, cause it's The Law.

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Oct-13-13 7:51 AM

My question is if only 15% of the American people need health insurance, why is the President and his followers forcing Gov heath care on all of us? Is this not a tremendous waste of American tax dollars? Maybe they should be investing those hard earned tax dollars of ours into new business to create more jobs so those 15% can get employment and their own health care. They should have "slimmed down" the gov years ago. You don't raise the debt ceiling, you lower the budget. This President is so horrible with handling OUR money that the GOP feels it is mandatory not to give into him again and stand their ground. Please, I ask no one to look at this "along party lines" but to realize this country cannot afford to keep taxing and spending. Our country will implode due to poor management.

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Oct-11-13 1:56 PM

I think this is a form of terrorism. AlQueda could not have cost the government as much at the Tea Party has! They do not care who is suffering. They just want to destroy affordable health care for all the people. Perhaps the Medical lobbyists are behind the government shut down. It is insane and childish. Vote them all out of office!!

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Oct-11-13 1:20 PM

This is the only poll I've seen recently that places more blame on Obama than republicans. It's sad that we live in such a close minded, ultra conservative county that has snorted the lines of republican extremism, that the media has sold them. It's sad. I guess this part of Pa is one of the last to evolve.

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Oct-11-13 9:19 AM

Gee Deusin...., get your head out of your ass...really, the President is keeping his word...he has not kept his word about anything and the health care package that has been put into law will only be good for those people who do not need to use it. He has slapped the elderly in the face with this health care package. I just hope you don't know anyone that is elderly and needs a knee replacement of hip replacement, because they are not going to get it becuse Obama believes they no longer have anything to offer to society. The only thing Obama has accomplished is spending millions of dollars on lavish trips for him and his family. He is a joke as a President and he and his wife are racist.

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Oct-10-13 11:00 AM

For the conservatives who still don't get who shut the gov't down....John Boehner sat with George Stephanopolis last Sun and admitted to it. Get your heads out of your impermeable conservative media bubble for once! And its not both sides! To my knowledge, the Democratic Party has never used such a tactic as this to try and get their way. The Senate Dems tried 9 times! to get negotiations with the House GOP on a budget and they said no. So then they said keep the gov't open with a clean CR and gop ahead and use the GOP's post sequestration budget numbers. That in itself was a huge compromise on the Democratic side...and the GOP said NO and shut the gov't down. It's what they campaigned on! Look it up! What they have done to the democratic process is an affront to our nation's long standing value of compromise in finding solutions to our problems.

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Oct-10-13 7:45 AM

Sad when the Taliban Gets it and our government does not The Islamic militants issued a statement describing how US institutions were "paralyzed", the Statue of Liberty was closed and a fall in tourist numbers had hit shops, restaurants and hotels in the capital. US politicians of "sucking the blood of their own people". "The American people should realize that their politicians play with their destinies”

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Oct-10-13 7:04 AM

I just think they need to lower the cost of health care insurance so everyone can afford it; Espeacially for the ones who are not qualified for medical assistance!

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Oct-09-13 11:51 AM

Who said we are going to make this president a one term president? I don't need to say it. So that has been their M.O. This whole time. They hate Obama more than they want to see this country have healthcare and debt free. Obama is by far not perfect, but he is keeping his word. Integrity. Work on fixing the healthcare law after the debt ceiling is increased and the budget is approved.

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Oct-09-13 11:11 AM

To be fair with both major parties and the ones that matter the most,"THE PEOPLE" lets have a vote on the budget then I think everyone will be satisfied. It's a very simple process.

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Oct-09-13 10:04 AM

I think Congress should force a vote on this to see who REALLY does or does not want to get the country back on track. Both sides keep saying "this is what the people want", and both sides are wrong.

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Oct-09-13 8:06 AM

It's The president that doesn't want to talk things out. It's his way or he will be like the kid on the playground that wants to take the ball home if no one will allow him to play ball with him!!

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