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Should armed resource officers be placed at schools to prevent a repeat of tragedies such as the recent mass shooting at Newtown, Conn.

  1. Yes, armed resistance is the only way to stop the actions of those unstable enough to contemplate such atrocities.
  2. No, it's unaffordable. The better answer is more restrictive gun control laws.
  3. Such a plan would work, but the best way to prevent such future tragedies is more attention to mental disabilities that are the root cause of most of these shootings.
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Jan-21-13 5:11 PM

So by 'intelligent' logic, accidental deaths are no big deal?

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Jan-14-13 10:04 PM

If you think criminals are going to obey stricter guns laws, then you are a special kind of stupid!

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Jan-14-13 1:07 PM

I am a gun owner and support how things are now. Crazies will always get them, but making it harder for those stressed and over medicated is far from infringing upon anyone's rights. As stated I am a gun owner and believe most should be able to purchase. I do not support the NRA as I personally believe they would make a lot more progress if they were mpt terrified of making their goal manipulating facts. Guns serve one purpose, to kill. Let's admit it and move forward. It is not 1776 and the Constitution was meant to be a living document. No one is defending themselves from the US millitary. Some countries with much tougher gun laws have more violent crime and some have less. I personally am annoyed when people take everything the NRA says as gospel.

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Jan-14-13 12:58 PM

Where is the common sense here? Arming anyone does no ensure a a situation like this is avoided. A class of kids could easily overtake a cop and access the weapon. Also let's say a cop must use deadly force against one of them. The guy will be scrutinized forever as if he did or did not do the proper thing. Sometimes we need to realize mass murderers are not sane. You cannot prevent them from happening by arming people or disarming people. Everyone wants to say arming is the answer, but there is no guarentee doing so would have saved a life at Sandy Hook. Adding guns and ammo (and coats) to a school is insane because 'maybe' an armed guard 'could' have saved one in 15 million. We are worried about schools now, but it could be a hospital or anywhere.

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Jan-13-13 3:41 PM

If politicians and stars are guarded with armed guards, why not our children? "Gun Free Zones" are a joke and schools need to have at least one security guard/administrator/teacher armed. Shame on people for not wanting to protect our children. Take away more from the prisoners and give that money to defense for our students!

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Jan-13-13 6:41 AM

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Jan-12-13 9:42 AM

Maybe we should look to other countries with minimal crime statistics and try to learn something from them.

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Jan-11-13 9:06 PM

I agree we need more and better mental health screening and treatment. However, the reality is that we are broke. We borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend. So, without increasing our deficit, how should we proceed? Something has to go. What should that be? I think that is the question we need to ask.

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Jan-11-13 10:07 AM

Gun violence and violence in our society as a whole represents a truly complex problem. As I see it, you have the conservatives blocking any solutions on two fronts. They say no to any common sense gun restrictions and no to appropriating monetary resources for mental health wellness. The government is not the problem, conservative reactionaries in the Republican Party are the problem.

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Jan-10-13 3:45 PM

But they do need them almost daily @ Williamsport. In most cases, It really would be rediculous. And yes, the crazys are always going to manage to pull something off. And I agree with the bullying, also.

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Jan-10-13 2:46 PM

I think all options are a good start, but what about starting even earlier, and taking more time and resources to address things like bullying. Bullies themselves can also be a victim, perhaps not at school, but at home. Kids need to know they have some kind of outlet where they can feel safe to tell a trusted adult things they may not want to talk about at home or with friends. Let's address issues that cause people to become violent first. A little kindness can go a long way.

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Jan-10-13 12:22 PM

There are crazies in the world. Nothing you can do.

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Jan-10-13 12:15 PM

I think it is a combination of all three. I am not suggesting a complete overhaul of the 2nd Amendment. I think the survey required a pro-gun, anti-gun response. As to resource officers, a police officer is great. Not sure this can be done at every school by the police. Is there a huge liability issue if it is not a police officer?

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Jan-10-13 8:02 AM

They already have a armed resource officer at Williamsport, been there for years.

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Jan-09-13 11:40 PM

This is an incredibly biased survey that lends itself toward arming people at schools. It's disappointing that the "Yes, No, Other" options are not actually each asking our views of a single topic, but are, rather, asking a variety of questions masked as the same questions.

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