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Q and A with Gloominous Doom

June 21, 2012
By MATTHEW PARRISH ( , Williamsport Sun-Gazette

MUNCY - Gloominous Doom will perform with Throne From Royalty and 44MAG at 9 p.m. Friday at Tommy's Sports Bar, 308 N. Main St. The band performs a "distinct blend" of metal with elements of ska, thrash, surf and reggae thrown in and features Jeremiah Stoyer on drums; Chris Belewy on guitar; Austin Ernst on bass and vocals; Floyd "Bone" Rhodes on guitar and vocals; and Travis Massini on lead vocals.

MATTHEW PARRISH: Any band that titles songs "Portal Potty" and "Urine Trouble" is having a lot of fun. Who thinks up the titles? (They're great).

GLOOMINOUS DOOM: A combination of complacency and alcohol.

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MP: It says on your website that Travis Massini was only granted the right to be the new vocalist after he survived "receiving a large tattoo on his beer-belly with the words 'Pot Roast'." Did you have to tackle him or was he a willing victim?

GD: After a long ritualistic initiation involving numerous cases of PBR, he finally went willing.

MP: It sounds like the band has some wild times. Are you crazier on the stage or off?

GD: 24-7 ... No filters. What you see is what you get.

MP: The album cover for "Cosmic Super Ghoul" is hand-painted and reminds me of the type of art rock bands used in the '80s and early '90s - like Green Jelly. Who's the artist?

GD: The artist is George Miller, a local artist in our town. Killer work.

MP: There's a great moment in the video for "Knuckle Sammich" where there's a spliced clip of Tony Danza timed perfectly for the lyric "I'll show you/ Who's the boss." Who's the "Boss" fan in the band?

GD: Floyd loves Tony Danza. He has a shrine in his closet.

MP: In the video, there's also blood dripping on the wall. I'm afraid to ask ... whose was it?

GD: Lord Jesus Christ's.

MP: Lots of bands like to say their sound is eclectic but yours truly is. Are you afraid of alienating metal fans with your ska-surf bursts?

GD: No, we play what we like ... you either like it or you hate it.

MP: In "Totally Awesome Definitely," the chorus begins "We hail from Pennsylvania." Where is everyone from in Pa?


MP: You guys have played with Gwar? That's cool. How was that?

GD: We've played with them a couple times. Both band and crew is really nice. We've also worked with the late Cory Smoot on our latest EP "Cosmic Super Ghoul," which he produced and recorded.

MP: Are you familiar with Throne From Royalty and 44MAG, the bands you'll be sharing the stage with at Tommy's Sports Bar?

GD: We're friends with Throne From Royalty. We've seen Kevin naked too many times. Not familiar with 44MAG, but sure it's going to be a crazy show!

MP: Why should people come out for the show?

GD: To support touring bands, buy us beer, get weird and punch our singer in the face.

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