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State announces 2012 impact fee distribution

June 14, 2013

The state’s most recent revenues generated from its Act 13 natural gas drilling impact fee legislation dropped by about $1....

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Jun-14-13 11:22 PM

Thanks Francine. It is a much better place. Should have done it years ago. Not many out of state white pickups around here.

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Jun-14-13 9:20 PM

Abu Dhabi currently imports about 2 BCFD (billion standard cubic feet per day) of natural gas from Qatar. This is about 50% of the natural gas that they consume so they use about 4 BCFD. They are currently developing the Shah Field with the Al Hosn project and expect to produce about 1 BCFD from it which they will use for additional power generation and desalinization projects. Why do they do this? Because it is cheaper and they can continue to produce and sell oil on the world market for more money.

Why would people in PA (that currently produces about 6 BCFD) not want to develop their natural gas? Why wouldn't they want to expand their uses of natural gas as a fuel instead of using oil derived fuels?

Abu Dhabi likes the protection the US fleet provides so they probably see the price of the solar generated power as a political appeasement to the current administration.

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Jun-14-13 2:36 PM

Thanks just read it, it does make you wonder why they are making such a big push to go green huh.

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Jun-14-13 2:24 PM

Thanks, I have been following the Mayflower one. There is an article somewhere about a whistle blower on the Canadian pipeline somewhere. Check this one out "World’s largest Solar Power Plant opens in Abu Dhabi"

I guess those oil producing countries know something we don't.


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Jun-14-13 1:52 PM

Hey rick check out these 2 articles.

TransCanada Caught Training Police to Treat Nonviolent Keystone XL Protesters as Terrorist, sound familiar.

I'm sure you've heard about this, The Feds and the State of Arkansas filed a lawsuit against ExxonMobile over the Tar Sands Oil Spill in Mayflower.

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Jun-14-13 8:53 AM

Quick spend it! Spend it all! Captain kontz is going to confiscate it. Lets give it to campana so he can pay for more private deals that bite the city in the but. Or give it to francine, so she can spend on rainbows and lollipops and live in a world where nobody heats thier homes or drive cars and there is never a need to drill.

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Jun-14-13 8:47 AM

Mud hut? Really? Never thought you would stoop that low as someone else on here does my friend. As for the county I am in, yes they do receive ACT13 money, not sure why but again just shows how stupid it is. By moving where I did I have cut my travel time by 90 percent. I am thinking of getting an electric now, So no I haven't stop polluting yet but I am trying my best to reduce my carbon foot print even more. How about you?

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Jun-14-13 7:45 AM

So Rick424, have you moved into your new mud hut yet? Are you disappointed because your local township doesn't benefit from the Act 13 monies like the ones in Lycoming Co?

Oh, I almost forgot.....have you stopped polluting yet?

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Jun-14-13 7:35 AM

Francine, What if you increased the tax by 10%, or 50%, or even doubled it, what would you spend it on? Our various government agencies and politicians are so good at diverting money to support the people that get them elected, what causes would be funded?

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Jun-14-13 7:34 AM

There is that stupid comment that Texas always says. You are welcome, there I will save you the time. Now I find it interesting that Williamsport gets the same amount, I assume, 500 thousand as the townships that have drilling going on. This impact fee is a joke, Just how far does 500 grand go, Maybe pave a parking lot? The townships get 500 thousand but the airport got a million on the last round. Careful of those wells in Brandon park.

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Jun-14-13 6:18 AM

Francine, thank you for your continued consumption of hydrocarbon based products and purchase of goods and materials in which hydrocarbon based fuels are used to manufacture them.

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