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Water withdrawal plans put on hold in Old Lycoming Township

February 28, 2013

Plans to withdraw 250,000 gallons a day from a well in Old Lycoming Township to supply the natural gas drilling industry have been put on hold — at least for now....

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Mar-06-13 1:06 PM

Hey Dishguy, I find it ironic that we citizens who earn nothing from the gas industry are whiners but you workers who earn money from the gas industry are pleased to take it. I just hope you're not getting too emotionally connected to your "industry" because you will likely have some tough decisions to make when your industry leaves and you have to decide whether to uproot your family to follow them. Just so you know, they don't give a*****about you, us, or this place. They are the ones who care about the money so why shouldn't I feel the same way? I hate to use any one individual as an example, but you're just a parrot echoing what they want us to hear because you are earning a nickle off their fat stacks. Good luck to you when the bust comes (if it's not already upon you), then you'll know how much they care.

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Mar-01-13 10:32 AM

dishguy, I guess you have never read The Pennsylvania Natural Gas Industry "Wall of Shame".

It is violations imposed by the DEP against the gas industry, the violations start from Feb. 2, 2009 and runs thru Sept. 1, 2012.

There's the proof that you need.

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Mar-01-13 12:59 AM

And of course Justin, that comment about people like you who don't get anything because their is no well is on your property feel the same way, well yeah, it does seem their the ones whining, but look at all the jobs that local people have now working with these well companies. Look at all the people spending that money in your community helping it thrive and grow, these well companies are spending most of their money here in our state, and yet all everyone worries about is their selves making money. Pa's economy is up compared to before the gas wells started, and no, I am NOT making a dime off my property, but I do work for a company who works for the gas industry and while I'm on the wells, I watch for anything they do that can damage the environment and I haven't seen any in the last 2 years I worked on any well, just tired of people accusing without any proof whatsoever!

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Mar-01-13 12:44 AM

Well unfortunately, sounds like people are mis-informed and assume what will happen. First of all, the amount of water that will be used from this well at 250,000 gallons is only .02% of what was calculated to be in the well, yes, .02%! This was calculated from a survey crew who ran tests to determine this. Also the water that is used is reused many times, then is taken to a facility, like Eureka on Hepburn St and is cleaned to the point it is tested to be safe to drink. Trust me, I am all for protecting our planet, but all I hear is excuses with nothing to back up their gripes (water is used once and gone, wanting it to affect someone else, etc.) I am really baffled on the "you don't care but only if it affects someone else" comment, you don't mind if it affects someone else? Really? If it effects ANYONE, it should be stopped, but DEP and others haven't determined this would effect anyone or they wouldn't have gave them permission for the well to be drilled in the first pla

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Feb-28-13 11:20 AM

In Wyoming the ranchers and the farmers sell their water to the oil and gas industries because they can't drink it.

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Feb-28-13 8:14 AM

I'm crossing my fingers that someone finds a Marcellus Shale sized gas field with oil somewhere else...maybe Texas. I am all for "development" and "energy indendence" just wish it would affect someone else. I hope the bust starts soon here. I'm sure most of the rest of us without gas jobs or land royalties feel the same.

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Feb-28-13 7:52 AM

They should take it out of the ocean, they can afford to ship it up here the gas companies have lots of money plus it already has salt!

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Feb-28-13 7:12 AM

There is something wrong with a process that relies on so much fresh water, Once that water is used for the process it is gone. We need to stop now.

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