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Corrupt government

June 8, 2015 Our state and federal politicians are so corrupt and crooked. They spend taxpayer money and most of their time, investigating each other to find out who is the biggest bad ass. more »»

Shameful voter turnout

June 8, 2015 There was a 28 percent turnout for the recent election. Woah! Try living in North Korea and you would wish you could vote, openly and free. more »»

Good VA job

June 8, 2015 Due to a recent medical emergency, I utilized my benefit of the Veteran’s Administratio. more »»

Brandon Park Indian

June 8, 2015 Many people have called me in reference to the Indian at the entrance of Brandon Park and the poor condition it is in and getting worse. more »»

In agreement

June 8, 2015 Just read the letter from Curley Jett, and I agree 100 percent with him. There wouldn’t be so much crime if the “Trigger Pullers” would think before they do what they do. more »»

Shut out

June 7, 2015 There was a local music venue, called the Ground Floor, that was located on Fourth Street in Williamsport, across from the James V. Brown Library. more »»


June 7, 2015 Whom do the members of a properly elected Montoursville school board represent, asks Mr. Snell. As he suggests, they represent their constituents. more »»


June 7, 2015 According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, approximately one million Americans live with Parkinson's disease and approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with it each year. more »»


June 7, 2015 One can only hope that the Sun-Gazette was being slyly ironic when it plucked the phrase “Faulty Roots” from a May 29 letter to serve as the letter’s title, since the letter does have, well, “faults. more »»

An alternative

June 7, 2015 e read and hear in the media various concerns raised by many in our communities over issues faced by numerous school districts, we would like to share with your readers that we have found an... more »»

Great response

June 7, 2015 Yesterday, my daughter and her boyfriend’s house caught on fire. A wonderful neighbor seen it and called 911. the fire and police departments were there in minutes. more »»

For medical marijuana

June 7, 2015 I would like to respond to a recent letter to the editor which compared opium dens in China with the use of medical marijuana. more »»

Looking for accuracy

June 7, 2015 To accurately measure miles per gallon in a vehicle, it is a good idea to fill up the fuel tank before beginning a test. more »»

Losing the battle?

June 6, 2015 I was a extra surprised at all the wanted, troubled people in the Sun-Gazette flyer Saturday that are an influx to our city roaming around aimlessly with and without an address up to no good. more »»

Hummingbird advice

June 6, 2015 In a recent letter, it was recommended hummingbirds be fed with a syrup of equal parts of water and sugar. This might not be a wise idea. more »»

Life lessons

June 6, 2015 As I graduate from the Williamsport Area High School, I have learned some very important life lessons that were not taught in any classroom, these lessons were learned by simply observing the... more »»

We need pools

June 5, 2015 I recently read an editorial from the Sun Gazette on the pool closings and the inability of the various municipalities to be able to support fixing them. more »»

The ISIS problem

June 5, 2015 Recently, the Secret Service was criticized for failing to provide adequate security for President Barrack Obama, and ISIS stated they were going to plant their flag on top of the White House. more »»

Coach Lazorka

June 5, 2015 My daughters are no longer in school so I've fallen out of touch with who coaches and teaches in Jersey Shore – until I saw your article on a JS girls softball win. more »»

Not so proud

June 4, 2015 Hello again, from Fabulous Las Vegas! Wow, has my hometown been a flurry of activity, and proud of some of it I am not. more »»



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