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November 5, 2015 Recently I was going down Third Street in Williamsport and noticed the bronze bat was missing from one of the baseball players in Market Square. The next day I saw in the paper it was vandalized. more »»

City sidewalks

November 5, 2015 With the reworking of the curb cuts at intersections around the City for better disability access, this brings up a question. more »»

This is leadership?

November 5, 2015 Eleven hours and apparently Hillary “walks free” to continue her quest for the White House. more »»

Flipping the channel

November 4, 2015 As I was flipping through the channels last night (Halloween) looking for something not so scary to watch, I landed on NBC's Saturday Night Live. more »»

The demise of debate

November 4, 2015 The William F. Buckley Foundation at Yale University recently commissioned a study from McLaughlin & Associates about attitudes towards free speech on campus. more »»


November 4, 2015 Hooray for Mayor Campana, read the article Oct. 15. He’s finally realizing after how many shootings, lives lost over the past few years, that the city of Williamsport needs more cops. more »»

A crying shame

November 3, 2015 It is a crying shame that Hillary Clinton was not brought up on charges during the Benghazi hearings. She belongs in jail for letting those four Americans die and then trying to cover it up. more »»

Rage misdirected

November 3, 2015 Phil Underwood had a letter printed that detailed how the Ivanpah solar plant in California is killing bird. more »»

Being respectful

November 3, 2015 I am writing this letter to express my extreme disappointment in the lack of respect that a group of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation barrier repair workers committed in finishing the... more »»

So sad

November 3, 2015 It is so sad to see the beautiful farm fields along Route 87 in Montoursville turning in to Newark. more »»

Under government siege

November 3, 2015 The liberals are going around saying mentally people should not have guns. But you know that it will be the government that decides who is mentally ill. more »»

Bait & switch reply

November 2, 2015 The sooner you dinosaurs die the better. more »»

Changing for the better

November 2, 2015 I have been a landlord in Williamsport over 20 years. It seems nothing changes. About 5 years in we made a decision not to accept Section 8 vouchers. I was seeing more squatters in these units. more »»

Voters needs

November 2, 2015 The voters of Pennsylvania need two items one is a prop ballot initiative a la California. more »»

Rephrase it

November 1, 2015 This is in reference to the headline that read, “Lower gas prices means no increase in Social Security benefits next year. more »»

Progressivism, Christianity

November 1, 2015 Speaking of freedom from religion, I think Thomas Jefferson and many of the founding fathers would find it appalling how one of the current major political parties has essentially adopted religion a... more »»

No respect

November 1, 2015 With a citizen’s eye I’ve watched the Montoursville School Board issue and I’ve noticed a big difference in how individuals think and act. more »»

Fighting Christianity

November 1, 2015 Isis is not the only group against Christianity It seems that the United States agrees with Isis on Christianity. For instance, U.S. more »»

Where is the outrage?

November 1, 2015 Where is the outrage over corporate welfare? Are you aware that corporate welfare is 5 percent of the federal budget? Social welfare programs that benefit the poor and needy, only constitute 3... more »»

Trump the Trumpeter

November 1, 2015 Donald Trump continues to do so well in the polls not because his qualifications have been misunderstood. more »»



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