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Second best in fairness

August 8, 2014 There are two things in life that are certain: Death and taxes. Unfortunately, most taxes are regressive, unfair taxes that impact harder on low and moderate income persons. more »»

I agree with the mayor

August 8, 2014 I read an article that said the Friends of Memorial Pool had raised only $3,000.00 out of about $50,000.00 they had as a goal. more »»

No danger from coal

August 7, 2014 There is no danger from coal. I was born in 1921 and all the homes and businesses and factories were heated and plowered by coa. more »»

Confusing notice

August 7, 2014 I got my notice from treasurer/tax collector and the notice says I can make payments before the 31st of July 2014. I sent part of the payment. more »»

The Bible

August 7, 2014 The Bible has it right o. more »»


August 7, 2014 I am disappointed that the Lycoming County Fair no longer has Vesper Services. I like to attend the Vesper Services and think they are a very important part of any fair. more »»

Out of the mouths of liberals

August 7, 2014 Some things said seem to go unchallenged, such as : President Obama said, “There is not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.” Senator Harry Reid, “The border is under control. more »»

Another heroin death

August 6, 2014 Looking at face book this evening I found a picture of a young man laying on the floor. County Coroner Chuck Kiessling put it on Facebook after asking him self if he should do tha. more »»

Asked but did not give

August 5, 2014 A recent letter writer asked for honesty and then proceeds to not give it in his letter about a letter on greed. Let's start with some definitions and work from there. more »»

Little help for working class

August 5, 2014 We often hear the stock market and corporate profits being at record highs are proof of an economic recovery. more »»

The year was 1939

August 4, 2014 Clarifying a couple missed points in my previous letter, my father, Ben Bebble, worked for the WPA in 1939, and later in life he worked and retired from PennDOT and received the appointment from Go. more »»

Supporting the governor

August 4, 2014 I'll tell you right up front that I'm in favor of keeping our governor, Tom Corbett on the job for another four years, and give him a chance to finish what he has, to me, successfully started. more »»

Fix doesn’t solve problem

August 4, 2014 In the July 29 editorial entitled "Corbett going to the mat in effort to get vital pension reform", you correctly point out that the two pension funds have a combined underfunding of almost $50... more »»

A discussion to have

August 3, 2014 Every time I pick up my issue of the Sun-Gazette, I go directly to the editorial page. more »»

Shame on president

August 3, 2014 The main news stations are not covering or covering very little the fact that thousands of people are crossing our border into Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona. more »»

I am amazed

August 3, 2014 After taking off the first weekend of the Hamas-Israel conflict I tuned in to see how it was proceeding. And I was truly amazed at all the Palestinian casualties. more »»

Revolution we need

August 3, 2014 The dysfunctional comedy team known as Congress and the administration are working on yet another Kabuki play in a sad attempt to fool the public before election time. Sen. more »»

The community’s health

August 3, 2014 The Center holds a lot of history and meaning to a large portion of the community. To some, it is a symbol of the struggle to be a part and counted as importan. more »»

Argument won’t work

August 3, 2014 I am writing this to Seth Borenstein. I would like to start by saying how in the world could you publish an article like this. more »»

Humanitarian aid to terrorists

August 3, 2014 John Kerry allegedly told the United Nations that the United States would supply $47 million for so-called humanitarian aid in Gaza. more »»



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