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The best reason

November 15, 2015 In one of his more recent letters to the editor, Tim Mannello says that choosing a presidential candidate because he was a successful neuro-surgeon is not a smart choice. more »»


November 15, 2015 Cemeteries in Totalitarian Governments are overflowing with the gullible, uninformed, susceptible, and dependent who unquestionably swallowed their propaganda that only the military, police, and... more »»

Sunshine Act violation?

November 15, 2015 On Nov. more »»

Obama’s Keystone decision

November 14, 2015 If you build the Keystone Pipeline, we can get our oil from Canada. President Obama nixed that deal and instead wants us to buy our oil from OPEC. more »»

Liberal takeover

November 14, 2015 More than 70 percent of the United States public identify themselves as Christians. However, the liberals have been able to take over and force secularism and political correctness on u. more »»

The other ‘climate’ side

November 14, 2015 Thank you, Dr. Richard Troxler, for your letter to the editor "Another 'climate' side", exposing this massive fraud going on, and the "useful idiots" trying to promote this con-job. more »»

Common sense can ease police-citizen relations, interactions

November 13, 2015 The people of Williamsport had enough common sense to once again elect a strong leader in Gabe Campana. more »»

Be careful

November 13, 2015 Recently I had the opportunity to make calls for political reasons to a lot of Cell Phone owners. I noticed that a lot of the users gave their names when the phones went to message. more »»

Take it back!

November 12, 2015 Tom Marino is so proud of himself for voting against the budget deal pushed through Congress by the traitor Boehner before his forced departure. But I’d like to let Mr. more »»

Free speech today

November 12, 2015 I read Phil Underwood's letter, "The demise of debate," with interest regarding the war on free speech by U.S. institutions of higher learning. more »»


November 12, 2015 For those who've not figured President Obama out, consider that now that we have open relations with Cuba and Gitmo will no longer be used as a detention facility, the naval base will be returned to... more »»


November 11, 2015 I wonder if President Obama and e-mail maven Hillary Clinton can remember the last time they told the truth. I can’t. more »»

Social Security money

November 11, 2015 I want to comment on the letter from Charles Ardell regarding Social Security. Twenty years ago, the once “Best Country in the World” never heard of giving guns, ammo, grenades, etc. more »»


November 11, 2015 No matter whether the Benghazi hearing committee was 1 to 7 or 7 to 1, the truth is the Democrats don’t care about the truth, so why bother with more Democrats on the committee. more »»

Standardized test taking

November 11, 2015 Tests are needed to allow parents, teachers, as well as the “kids” the chance to understand their potential. more »»

We need to come together

November 11, 2015 Liberals will call you a racist if you say the government should cut welfare and food stamp. more »»

It’s ridiculous

November 10, 2015 Regarding GMOs to be voted on in Senate soon: GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism), food seeds are laced with weed killer (Round up). more »»

Getting our act together

November 10, 2015 Many recent letters have mentioned how we need to take our country back. The progressive media has imposed codes of what is politically correct onto the American public. more »»

Living beneath trouble

November 10, 2015 My name is Shawn Stopper and I have been living with multiple sclerosis for 19 years now, and once again we are living beneath trouble! We live at 707 2nd Avenue, Apt. more »»

Here we go again

November 9, 2015 Here we go again! First the word was hamburg gives you cancer and now hot dogs. I remember growing up in the ‘40s. more »»



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