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New taxes

November 8, 2014 On a recent Sunday there were several letters to the editor pleading for more taxes, specifically more taxes on gas extraction. more »»


November 8, 2014 November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Lung Cancer is cancer which forms in lungs around cells lining air passages. There are two types (small cell and non small cell). more »»

Helping Christians

November 8, 2014 I was glad to see Cal Thomas' article bringing attention to the crisis Christians are facing in the Middle East, especially in Iraq. more »»

Frein is captured!

November 7, 2014 Thank God, without any further deaths, Frein was captured. Thank you to all in the area of the hunt for supporting the law enforcement officers who searched for this murderer and kept him contained. more »»

Sick in the head

November 7, 2014 I used to pray for all the atheists who do not believe in our Lord. I used to pray for all the liberals who hate our country. more »»

Not lipstick

November 6, 2014 There are people who write letters to this paper who are smarter than the president and bigger patriots than he will ever be. more »»


November 6, 2014 There is a lot to like about coal. Coal made possible the industrial revolution and all the wondrous advancements that flowed from it. The coal industry employs a lot of people. more »»


November 5, 2014 In a recent press conference, Nina Pham, the Dallas, TX nurse who contracted Ebola, thanked God for curing her, and thanked those who prayed for her, saying that she believed in the power of pray. more »»


November 5, 2014 Your article October 30th on the debate the night before between Rick Mirabito and Jeff Wheeland included a number of direct quotes. more »»

Evolution is a theory

November 5, 2014 Evolution is just a theory. Charles Darwin just made clever guesses on how life was formed. The Bible is a book of facts that the lord gave to u. more »»

Family mourns pet loss

November 4, 2014 On Saturday, Oct. 11, about 7 a.m., our son's service dog, Telly, was killed on Lycoming Creek Road after having gotten free from her leash. more »»

Population control

November 4, 2014 Bears, wolves find voice in wilderness 29 Oct 2014 — Williamsport Sun-Gazette In her latest column in the Sun-Gazette, Kathleen Parker describes her distaste for 2 hunting methods: Hunting with dog... more »»

The PC world

November 4, 2014 "Sticks and stones may break my bones..." Mr. Shulski wrote a letter that us right-wingers have been too extreme in our opinions. more »»

Taking issue

November 3, 2014 I just read the article from 10/22 by Robert Gunsmith, entitled, “Not Welcome.” I’m a Democrat (but didn’t vote for Obama. more »»

Tax hikes

November 3, 2014 This political season puts me in mind of Will Rogers. Will Rogers never met a man he didn’t like. One of the candidates never met a tax he didn’t like. So says his opponent. Berton L. more »»

The biggest lie contest

November 3, 2014 All presidents have told lies while they were in office. Barrack Hussein Obama takes the prize as he has told 20 lies since he became president. With a little research, you can check this out. more »»

Sacrificing freedom

November 3, 2014 I am trying my hardest to understand and be tolerant of liberals. Liberals want to take away our guns, eliminate free speech and they are for having fluoride in our water. more »»


November 3, 2014 I feel that Kaci Hickox is being self-centered, selfish, and searching for headlines in her refusal to accept the 21 day quarantine recommended by most State governments. more »»

School renovation

November 2, 2014 Can it be that the $35. more »»

Applauding clergy

November 2, 2014 I applaud the clergy in Houston and others around the nation who will speak the truth and not give in when local officials will subpoena their sermons. more »»



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