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Chesapeake Bay

June 14, 2016 Every time we read an article about the Bay, it appears the solution to Bay problems is for Pennsylvania citizens to spend money. more »»

Bern equals Burn

June 14, 2016 What’s our country coming to when people were seriously considering electing a Democratic Socialist for President? Maybe the problem is that people don’t know what a Democratic Socialist is. more »»

Lesser evil?

June 13, 2016 Mr. Clifford Reiders ended a one thousand word article entitled "Who is the lesser of two evils" without giving an answer to his question. My answer is Hillary Clinto. more »»

Never Trump? Dumb

June 13, 2016 Mona Charen's column in Wednesday’s paper suggests that remaining a part of the "Never Trump" crowd is not being disloyal and "it's the only way to safeguard conservatism". more »»

The solution

June 12, 2016 A new day is dawning in north central Pennsylvania as citizens step up in opposition of the heroin epidemi. more »»


June 12, 2016 Recently a letter to the editor from David Hontz appeared about an out-of-court insurance settlement with former Public Works Supervisor Scott Winters on March 28, 2016. more »»

A calling to serve?

June 12, 2016 As a fervent opponent of the so-called “Common Sense” candidates who make up the majority of the Montoursville Area District School Board of Directors, I had received backlash in the past from some... more »»

Childish behavior

June 12, 2016 I would like to respond to the Pennsylvania Fiscal Conservatives group from Montoursville in regards to their latest tirade. I am appalled by the childish behavior of the newly elected board. more »»

A bigoted nation

June 12, 2016 The United States of America has become a bigoted nation. more »»

I’ll take my chances

June 11, 2016 “Crooked Hillary”. We’ve heard this chant for over 20 years now but she has yet to spend a night in jail. more »»

Freedom in jeopardy

June 11, 2016 The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires a warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. more »»

Corrupt to her core

June 10, 2016 So, Hillary Clinton is "flawed but likeable enough." Likewise, Hurricane Katrina was a serious storm but farmers can always use the rain. more »»

The scary choice

June 10, 2016 This coming November election should be very interesting. The Republican representative is pretty far from presidential material but thinks his money makes him eligible to do or say whatever he wants. more »»

Lying and blaming

June 9, 2016 It’s delicious watching HilLIARy Clinton almost whining as she continues to try to justify her absolute disregard for the rules by which everyone else is required to live. more »»

In need of gym class

June 9, 2016 South Williamsport School District Superintendent Dr. Mark Stamm states that having a class of 140 presents safety concerns for cancelling gym class for incoming 7th graders. Well ..... more »»

Pinching myself

June 8, 2016 When I read Thursday's paper I had to pinch myself three times to make sure that I had not ascended into an alternate universe. more »»

Crisis equals tax

June 8, 2016 I was listening to the radio and heard Rep. Garth Everett talking about cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. more »»

An ideal time

June 7, 2016 During the mid-1930s an organization created by conservative Democrats called the American Liberty League was formed as a platform for constitutionalists and classical liberals who felt estranged... more »»

The real answer

June 7, 2016 Quite a bit has been made of the problem of illegal immigrants and illegal immigration as a whole. There is no doubt the problem exists and is serious. more »»

Appreciating coaches

June 7, 2016 I would like to thank Chris Masse for his great article Lack Of Respect. As the wife of a former coach, I too have sat through many games and heard unpleasant comments from parents. more »»



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