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Gem worth preserving

January 24, 2016 If one attended the meeting of the Lycoming County Recreation Board January 11, they certainly were not treated to a demonstration of democracy in action. more »»

More voices needed

January 24, 2016 Carl Unger and other conservatives write on a regular basis but there are few liberal left people who write in aside from Arno Vosk. more »»

A waste

January 24, 2016 We can admire the dedication, courage and skill of the men flying the Lockheed-Martin F-35, featured in the January 4th Sun-Gazette. The plane they are flying is another stor. more »»

Whose boots?

January 24, 2016 Right after 9/11, no one had to convince Americans to put boots on the ground to defeat Al Qaeda. more »»

A rewrite

January 24, 2016 I count myself among the most blessed people of the world, to be able to grow up in country, where people were once free; where they could pursue their dreams, their ambitions, to reach for that... more »»

We don’t need remade

January 24, 2016 America is great. We don't need to be made great again. Every nation in the world, understands our greatness. Lady Liberty holds her torch high, lighting the way, to the best nation on earth. more »»

The reality

January 24, 2016 Since the Reagan years, each president’s State of the Union address has included a call for making a college education more affordable. more »»

Montoursville concerns

January 24, 2016 The new Montoursville school board has convened and is halting the building process for review. more »»

Trans lives matter

January 23, 2016 Regarding the column published concerning the film The Danish Girl and it being featured on NPR, newsflash to bigots: Trans lives matter. more »»

Faulty reasoning

January 23, 2016 The so-called elite liberals who believe that they are so intellectually superior that they, not only have a right, but an obligation to tell others, how to liv. more »»

Missing brains

January 23, 2016 This pertains to the sale of the Nippenose Valley Elementary School and the 32 acres of property on which it sits on. more »»

Real problems

January 22, 2016 The yearly averages of Gallup polls of the most important problems facing America in 2015 show some interesting results: Government/Congress/Politicians - 16%. The economy in general - 13%. more »»

It has to change

January 22, 2016 Things have to change with our state. They were 6 months about the budget, but they got their pay and many organizations went without. more »»

The Syrian War

January 21, 2016 The next time you sit down to a meal, conjure up the images of starving civilians in the Syrian town of Madaya. more »»

No backbone

January 21, 2016 It will never be my intent to encourage American leadership to be unnecessarily confrontational with a foreign government; however, the latest detainment of American sailors is just another example... more »»

The Clintons

January 20, 2016 Can you imagine Hillary Clinton preaching to us about women’s rights with a husband like Bubba Clinton? Give me a break. more »»

A slap in the face

January 20, 2016 In a recent paper it stated that the salaries for Tioga County employees went up 3.5 percent. These increases range from $3,710 a year, to the low of $1,575 and the county employees number 28. more »»

A fall is coming

January 20, 2016 Trumpty Dumpty said he’ll “build a big wall” and make the Mexican government pay for it. Give me a break, Trumpty, with your loud-mouth redundancy. You will take a fall at the polls. more »»

Silent majority

January 20, 2016 I am a Montoursville Area School District resident. In early 2015, I found out about the high school project. I no longer have children going to school so I did not hear it from the. more »»

Two pieces of good news

January 20, 2016 Two pieces of good news greeted me in the Sun-Gazette last week. Coach Frank Girardi got what was due as a member of the College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2016 and State Police Capt. more »»



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