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The state police

September 21, 2014 Like most people, I have been watching the news in reference to the state police being gunned down. more »»

Misplaced priorities

September 21, 2014 As everyone who’s not been living in a cave knows, our southern border is virtually unprotected. Walking or wading into the U.S. illegally is almost easier than driving to the grocery store. more »»

A fresh face

September 21, 2014 On Sept. 9 the Pennsylvania Tea Party held a town hall meeting for Independent Candidate Nick Troiano. He truly wants to make a difference. more »»

Tom Paternostro

September 21, 2014 I did not know Tom well, one did not need to know him well to understand and respect his deeply rooted conviction toward the protection of children. more »»


September 21, 2014 Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That’s just what President Obama, and now our generals, are doing in the Middle East. more »»

Regarding the ruling

September 21, 2014 This concerns County Judge Marc F. more »»

Why they are better

September 21, 2014 Just read Arlene Stahl’s response to my editorial (9/13) about the Little League World Series and the Asian teams winning all the time. more »»


September 20, 2014 These terrorists need to be taken out by whatever means necessary. Carpet bomb them back into the stone age. That’s what President George Bush Sr. more »»

Closed bridges

September 20, 2014 I am as patriotic as the next person, but it is both unwise and unfair to close all three major bridges in the Williamsport area during events. more »»

Low hanging fruit

September 20, 2014 Most of us think of government as being the President, the Supreme Court and Congress, but by far most of government is the bureaucracy. There are about 2. more »»


September 20, 2014 As I read the Sun-Gazette online on September 11, 2014 I am struck by the fact I can not find a story about 9/11/2001 attacks on America. Yes, this happened 13 years ago and was very emotional. more »»

Worth the trouble

September 20, 2014 I trot two blocks to the post office to pick up my copy of the day's Sun-Gazette every day when I could get more locals papers delivered. The Sun-Gazette is worth the trouble. more »»

Special angels

September 19, 2014 Pertaining to our community — when all the time you pick up the paper and you see nothing but politics and crime, drugs and break-ins — that it was such a ray of sunshine to read your articles on... more »»

Due diligence

September 19, 2014 You hear it all the time from varied quarters: “There is no military solution to the myriad problems of the Middle East.” As John . more »»

Ebola outbreak

September 18, 2014 This ebola outbreak in Africa is quite similar to the TV series The Last Ship. It’s always up to America to solve the problems of the world. more »»

Futile exercise

September 18, 2014 During the 2012 campaign, presidential candidates raised about one billion each and congressional candidates raised about three and a half billion. more »»

A golden opportunity

September 18, 2014 Boy Scouts wanting to become an Eagle Scout are always looking for an Eagle Scout Project. In my opinion, cleaning up the Williamsport Cemetery, repairing the fence and tomb stones, etc. more »»


September 17, 2014 I can't sleep at night!! I don't know whether to worry about ISIL in Syria and Iraq, home grown terrorism, people who buy guns without a background check, or a heroin addict invading my home. more »»

Parents and addicts

September 16, 2014 I have been following the articles this month about drug problem and the interviews you have done so far this month. I don't think I have seen one done with a parent or a recovering drug addict. more »»

Change the mind

September 16, 2014 People need to reach a tipping point when they realize Williamsport neighborhoods are worth preserving. It is not cool to shut up and watch these things happen to your friends. more »»



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