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Hoops reasoning

May 18, 2014 Where were you, Loni Gamble or Bruce White, head of CAPPA, when the hoops were open? Obviously not in Memorial Park. more »»

An unholy experiment

May 18, 2014 The founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn, declared that this state would be a holy experiment, a place where people would strive to live up to the high standards of God. more »»

Inspiring article

May 18, 2014 The Life Changes article in the May 4th edition may have caused many to stop and evaluate how they live their life. Diane Langley expressed kindness and courtesy stories and comments. more »»

Junk science

May 18, 2014 It’s no secret that the climate change disciples are almost, if not more, fanatical than the Islamic extremists. more »»

Real attributes

May 18, 2014 I am from Mansfield and I attend Penn State University, majoring in Elementary Education. I took a Geography course this semester and was given an interesting assignment. more »»

Solutions, not speeches

May 18, 2014 I attended another meeting on the impacts of Biggert-Waters in Munc. more »»

Legalizing drugs

May 18, 2014 I'm in favor of legalizing drugs from marijuana to whatever. I have only one condition – the cost of drug purchase will cover the cost of legalizing the dru. more »»

Preserve your rights

May 17, 2014 Thomas Jefferson's prediction: "Those who allow their guns to be hammered into plows will plow for those who do not. more »»

Democrats paralyze

May 17, 2014 When Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are paralyzing our Congress and you don't speak up you are part of our national problem. more »»


May 17, 2014 It is preposterous when we citizens must pay the high cost of the school and county taxes year after year — no break, no reduction, no end of it. Only increased, if they want to. more »»

1-year anniversary

May 16, 2014 West End Food Bank celebrates our first year anniversary. For almost 35 years we operated as Fairlawn Food Bank out of Fairlawn Community Churc. more »»

Democrat nonsense

May 16, 2014 In a recent letter, a writer indicated that the committee to investigate the unresolved Benghazi cover up was organized to embarrass the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. more »»

Jerky behavior

May 15, 2014 On Maundy Thursday, I stopped at a grocery store on my home from church to pick up one item I wanted that evening. Only one checkout was open. I walked up behind a man who had a full car. more »»

What’s he thinking?

May 15, 2014 I don’t know what Mayor Campana is thinking, taking the basketball hoops from Memorial Park. I agree with Jude Richardson’s letter in the paper. more »»


May 15, 2014 At the end of 2010, some long-time Central Pennsylvania lawmakers retired from the state legislature. more »»

Problem unsolved

May 15, 2014 Years ago, Muncy Police Chief Grenoble spoke to the Jaycee. more »»

Shooting stars

May 14, 2014 During the Presidential election of 2008, Sarah Palin burst upon on the national political scene in a way that reminded me of a shooting star. more »»

Intelligent life

May 14, 2014 I was watching the History Channel the other day and they were telling us that our scientists and astronomers were pointing their cameras and telescopes in outer space at other planets and stars... more »»

A good paper carrier

May 14, 2014 I have nothing but praise for my Williamsport paper carrier. My Sun-Gazette is on my front porch early every morning of the week. more »»

Hit Russia back

May 13, 2014 Holy cow! Russian troops taking over the country of Ukraine. more »»



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