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March 2, 2015 Recently I encountered a stray dog in our neighborhood. Not knowing who to call, I called our Township office to get the information from them. more »»

Where’s the money?

March 1, 2015 Your most recent headline that discloses our state awarding $6 million for our airport definitely deserves front page top billing. more »»

Obama's Response

March 1, 2015 Recently, Mr. Cliff Rieders wrote a column in the Sun Gazette in the form of an imaginary letter in the name of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel to President Obama. more »»

Lucrative ‘career’

March 1, 2015 I love Sen. Yaw’s comments in a recent edition. “Frankly, we are tired of those who want to protect the golden goose for public employees.” Sen. more »»


March 1, 2015 After reading today’s paper, I just have to say that Sally Weigand’s letter regarding Mr. more »»

Rabbi Portal

March 1, 2015 With great sadness I learned last week of the passing of one of the greatest figures to have ever graced our community. more »»

Until it’s over

March 1, 2015 It's unfortunate that a large number of U.S. more »»

Follow the cash

March 1, 2015 In regards to the letter (Treasonous ) by Mr. Paul Goldsmith, I would like to add this. The comment made by President Barack Obama concerning The Crusades was taken out of context. Mr. more »»

Another con job!

March 1, 2015 The Wellsboro School District is looking at a deficit of $1.1 million dollars which has grown by $500,000 since October, 201. more »»

Shootings in city

March 1, 2015 In recent days Williamsport has had 3 shootings and it doesn't matter where you live because it has proven to be different neighborhoods that the shootings are occurrin. more »»


February 28, 2015 Several years ago, we had these childhood diseases pretty much cured. That was because the citizens of this country had their kids vaccinated. more »»

Fifty Shades of Nonsense

February 28, 2015 I have had the great privilege of working as a volunteer leader in the Scouting program for over 35 years. I am also the proud father of an Eagle Scout. more »»

Bitter fruit

February 28, 2015 The growth of hostility in the Middle East towards Western Civilization is comparable to that of a tree bearing very bitter fruit. The soil was prepared and the seed planted during the Crusades. more »»

Double standard

February 28, 2015 Why is it that Mr. more »»

Hunter education

February 28, 2015 This is in response to the lady from Wellsboro who thinks that because a father traps animals with his daughters this is the reason that the world is in the state that it is. more »»

Inconvenient truth

February 28, 2015 I am surprised that Al Gore and a bunch of left-wing loony-tune academics haven't proposed a "Global Warming" summit in Boston yet. more »»

Severance tax proposal

February 27, 2015 I just received an e-mail newsletter (#Fast Facts) From Senator Gene Yaw concerning the Governors' Severance Tax proposa. more »»

Minimum wage

February 27, 2015 Minimum wage laws on the surface serve to improve the wages of those workers at the bottom of the pay scale. In reality minimum wage laws reduce employment levels. more »»

Natural gas taxes?

February 27, 2015 Prior to taxing the Gas Industry , we should first get rid of ALL Tax Exemptions. The Pennsylvania only gives the legislature the option to allow tax exemptions; it does not mandate the. more »»

Long winter

February 27, 2015 I just wish this cold weather would end! I have been afraid to go outside for the last six weeks. When walking down the street I kept confronting ISIL extremists. more »»



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