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The culprits

March 4, 2016 In regards to the sad condition these United States of America is in due to the government and universities professors who teach governmental socialism, etc. more »»

Trump rallies

March 3, 2016 They cheer when he puts down the cripple, refugees, children, immigrants, Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists. more »»

Not news

March 2, 2016 The front page article on Ithaca heroin use is not new to Williamsport. more »»

Trump top five

March 2, 2016 With all the name calling Mr. Trump does, let me be politically correct on Mr. Trump. Here is my top five picks. 1. A few clowns short of a circus. 2. The wheel’s spinning, but the hamster’s dead. 3. more »»

Governor Wolf

March 2, 2016 I think that the governor should be recalled. Replaced with a male or female that has some common sens. more »»

Political musing

March 2, 2016 This presidential primary season is interesting given the dismay displayed by the Republican Establishment and the peeling back of the Democrat onion. more »»

Wolf is realistic

March 2, 2016 Governor Wolf is being realistic, the state Senate and state House are stalling. more »»


March 2, 2016 How very foolishly I have spent my time here! Always reaching for the “brass ring,” never receiving I would never grasp it, that anything I hope for anyone else wasn’t possible for me to give. more »»

Deserving recognition

March 1, 2016 We hear about all of the bad things that go on in society. In fact it's front page news. We never hear about the good. more »»

Interesting news

March 1, 2016 What I find very interesting are the news items regarding galactic observations. more »»

Unsettling experience

February 29, 2016 My experience of being called for jury selection for the very first time was truly disappointing. I can now understand why people are never happy. I was to report at 8:30 a.m. more »»

Whose job?

February 29, 2016 February 23rd’s edition contained an interesting article about the Mayor of Ithaca, New York wanting his city to host a supervised injection facility for heroin users to shoot up. more »»

JS contract talks

February 28, 2016 This letter is in response to the Feb. 12th article "No Teachers Contract in Jersey Shore" written by Sun-Gazette reporter Cara Morningstar. I commend Ms. more »»

The home field

February 28, 2016 Different kinds of surveys are used to identify the political preferences of large numbers of people; for instance, the voters in a particular stat. more »»

Stadium facts

February 28, 2016 The Wellsboro school district provided me the supposed executed stadium contract. more »»

Montoursville kerfuffle

February 28, 2016 The National School Board Association states… “The most important responsibility of school boards is to work with their communities to improve student achievement in their local public schools. more »»

Landlords and laws

February 28, 2016 The city and county are always accusing landlords about keeping their respective apartments and houses to rent in excellent condition. I have done just that for about 40 years. more »»

A higher standard

February 28, 2016 We as taxpaying citizens expect our elected officials and all government employees to be held to a higher standard of conduct in all official and personal dutie. more »»

Bizarro world

February 28, 2016 Walking into the Montoursville High School auditorium recently turned out to be a trip down the rabbit hole. more »»

Free-stuff elections

February 28, 2016 We the people are electing our leaders by who can give the most free stuff they are promising to give free Frisbees, free lunch, college education, free health care. more »»



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