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Behind hoop removal

June 22, 2014 This letter is written to commend the decision to remove the basketball standards from Memorial Park. My husband’s parents purchased a home bordering on Memorial Park in 194. more »»

Disgusted by priorities

June 22, 2014 Being a retired senior for the past 18 years, I become disgusted when I hear any politician or individual constantly repeat that the top priority in this state is a great education for every child. more »»

New economic life

June 22, 2014 Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas resources continue to benefit our region. more »»

Firearms distrust

June 22, 2014 Never trust Democrats with your firearms! President Obama disregards the 2nd and 14th amendments which restricts federal, state, and local governments from infringing upon our God-given right to... more »»

Flying pigs

June 22, 2014 Politics is taking some interesting turns. The House majority leader lost a primary election sending the Republican Party into a tizzy. more »»

Fragile care boost

June 22, 2014 Home health care for medically fragile children is dependent on an adequate supply of specially trained nurses to insure that timely care is available when necessary. more »»

Religious freedom

June 22, 2014 I know that just as surely as we have constitutional safeguards to keep and bear arms that we also have ones to allow freedom of religion. more »»

Who’s out of touch?

June 21, 2014 A recent letter writer states President Obama buys poor votes by increasing their welfare checks. There was that perception during the first election. There's one problem with that reasoning. more »»

Lean on faith

June 21, 2014 To the letter writer regarding bullying, your so-called friends are not friends at all if they look at you as someone that needs attention in a negative way. more »»

Not enough care

June 21, 2014 It was a relief to learn in the Sun-Gazette that the Hoagland Run Road tanker crash only “produced water” and not some poisonous, carcinogenic or sometimes radioactive waste. more »»

A suggestion

June 21, 2014 As we sit back and watch Iraq fall into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, I suggest we drop George W. more »»

A bad plan

June 20, 2014 The shale gas severance tax is a very ill-considered plan that could directly impact the presence of this important industry in Pennsylvania. I hope that Sen. more »»

More Bergdahl trade

June 20, 2014 The only question that our president will never answer was this trade to free Bergdahl or the 5 Taliban? John T. more »»

Unfair closing

June 20, 2014 I just opened the Sunday paper and saw the photos of the three boys and the sign laying on the ground at Memorial Park, which read, “Basketball is not a crime. more »»

Most wanted?

June 20, 2014 Whenever the Sun-Gazette releases a 'Most Wanted Edition' I am excited. I like to get a good look at the faces of people who could cause me trouble if I associate with them. more »»

Recycling question

June 20, 2014 I would like to commend the city as well as surrounding areas, for the improvements they have made to the recycling drop-off areas. But I have one question. more »»

Carnival time

June 19, 2014 Congratulations to the organizers and many community groups who took part in the Turbotville Community carnival last week. It was obvious that a lot of thought and work went into making it a succes. more »»

Attention, walkers

June 19, 2014 Attention walkers to the South Williamsport Park. Do not pitch anymore garbage, trash, etc., in the neighbors’ yards. We are sick and tired of cleaning up after you selfish, uncaring, mindless idiots. more »»

Beautify Billtown

June 19, 2014 In response about trash in Memorial Park; why not induce volunteers, especially school children, under guidance, to clear debris from the park? What better way to breed respect for our natural... more »»

Reid destroying USA

June 18, 2014 The Senate Democrats allow their leader to ignore the law and stop any bipartisan laws to be acted upon or amended. Harry Reid has had no Senate Budget for three years required by law. more »»



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