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Access denied

January 31, 2016 My family and I spent the weekend in Harrisburg. We went to the Farm Show yesterday and the Whitaker Center toda. more »»

A vote for inaction

January 31, 2016 Republican presidential candidates agree with Americans who believe that climate change is not a high priority for deliberative action any time soon. more »»

Presidential hopeful

January 30, 2016 I am so ashamed of most of the political runners. Why do they have to dig up dirt on each other? Bernie Sanders, why would he want to run for President? He should be retired. more »»

How peace would have a chance

January 30, 2016 “[W]e are constantly reminded of the Holocaust but we have become desensitized to the Holocaust happening before our eye. more »»

Double standard

January 29, 2016 Double standard – two words that will undoubtedly lead to the unraveling of our society if sound minds cease to exist and immediate gratification through action is continually accepted! People often... more »»

Misguided priorities

January 29, 2016 In a recent article by Dennis Prager, he discusses the dilemma faced by European leftists when faced with numerous rapes occurring in their countries. more »»

Republicans MIA

January 28, 2016 A few more or less naive comments in response to Mona Charen's column of Jan. 19, "Fighting for the soul of the Republican Party": • Possibly the soul in question has been MIA for too long. more »»

Sad to say

January 28, 2016 Sad to say the Montoursville School Board, both old and new, sound like 10-year olds. I read letters from Dan Mathers and Sue Masley — now one from Dale Ulmer — (they no doubt are good people). more »»

The heroin addiction solution

January 28, 2016 Heroin addiction is awful and the Sun-Gazette has done a great job of keeping us informed of how bad the problem is. But there is now a meth lab I know of where all the heroin addicts are going to. more »»

Global warming?

January 28, 2016 O 'global warming' wherefore art thou 'global warming' ...... more »»

A new narrative

January 27, 2016 During the most recent Democratic debate Bernie Sanders stated that he had spoken to Vermonters' about gun rights and that none of them required an AR-15 to hunt dee. more »»

Laundry list of problems

January 27, 2016 US is in shambles. IRS is a big mess. Military is weaker than ever. Drugs are rampant. Economy is horrible. No jobs. Made nuclear deal with Iran. Russia is stronger than ever. more »»

Unnecessary poverty

January 26, 2016 Poverty: When we think of what it means to be "poor", we imagine run down metropolitan areas and inner city communities lacking opportunity. more »»

Fomenting dissension

January 26, 2016 What (or who) is behind this newspaper’s continual reporting and editorial comment regarding the Montoursville School District? In a nutshell, the prior school board concocted a project far beyond... more »»

Values must save us

January 25, 2016 At the beginning of the Iraq War, liberals held signs outside of Lycoming Prison protesting the war. We should have stuck them in that prison to teach them to support our troops. more »»

Gun rights

January 25, 2016 The second amendment to the Constitution states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to bear arms, shall not be infringed. more »»

How long will it take?

January 25, 2016 Lycoming County judges are openly defying the open action (no secret) laws in government. They are in defiance of the act, and were so found by superiors. more »»


January 25, 2016 Responding to “placing the blame,” yes, I have been on the school board and if you had attended any of the meetings you would know I have spoken out about tax raises, but I am one of nine. more »»

Gem worth preserving

January 24, 2016 If one attended the meeting of the Lycoming County Recreation Board January 11, they certainly were not treated to a demonstration of democracy in action. more »»

More voices needed

January 24, 2016 Carl Unger and other conservatives write on a regular basis but there are few liberal left people who write in aside from Arno Vosk. more »»



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