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It’s amazing

July 4, 2016 In this great country of ours it is truly amazing that out of all our intellectual and truthful outstanding people we have whittled the choice for our president down to these two. more »»

Choose wisely

July 4, 2016 Last week the people of Great Britain had their Donald Trump moment and they chose poorly. Many voters saw this as a protest vote against the status quo. more »»


July 3, 2016 This letter is for all the seniors you think should die and get off Social Security. You first, OK? Shame on you, Al Sever. more »»

Boys to men

July 3, 2016 After reading the article in the Sun-Gazette regarding the dismissal of Coach Finn, I felt compelled to want to do something as something didn’t sit so well with me. more »»

Can’t understand it

July 3, 2016 I can’t understand the purpose of our newspapers printing articles concerning violent murders that stem from growing marijuana and operating crack houses and dealing drugs and indulging in alcohol,... more »»


July 3, 2016 For years, conservative Republicans have proclaimed that they stood steadfastly on the unchangeable values of limited government, free enterprise, and a strong national defense. more »»

A turnoff

July 3, 2016 The city wonders why not many people shop downtown. A friend received a parking ticket early May when a meter ran out. It was her own fault. more »»

Our foundation

July 3, 2016 As we celebrate the Fourth of July we should realize that the Declaration of Independence could not have been written in any other transcendent world view other than that of the Judeo/Christian worl... more »»


July 3, 2016 this election? Tim Mannello is a good writer; no one can argue with that. He took his creativity to new heights with last Sunday's column, "Teachers' conference with Donald's parents. more »»

Stop enabling

July 3, 2016 I want you to know right upfront I am a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States. more »»

Who pays for a study?

July 2, 2016 In a recent Sunday Outdoor Section you may have read the article, “Study shows minorities are not visiting our U.S. State Parks. more »»

Solving identity theft

July 2, 2016 Identity theft is when someone uses another person’s identity to commit crimes. Thieves will use a person's name, credit card (or get a credit card in someone else's name, and Social Security numbe. more »»

Flag needed

July 2, 2016 I am not sure who owns the Penn Tower Building on 3rd Street in Williamsport, but if they need help getting a flag to fly on the flagpole I will be happy to contribute. more »»


July 2, 2016 It's heartbreaking to see dogs tied out to their dog houses in the hot sun with no shade on these terribly hot days. more »»

Here say?

July 1, 2016 OK, rumors are they are going to shut down the little road from the Main Pike Highway. Why? I guess because no one wants to maintain it. They use that road for an emergency, fire, sickness, etc. more »»

The ultimate price

July 1, 2016 Once again, because parents do not pay attention to the obvious clues given by their children, an animal had to pay the ultimate price for behaving naturall. more »»

Voluntarily resign from office

July 1, 2016 The Republican-controlled Corbett administration cut corporate income taxes annually and also eliminated the corporate franchise tax; but increased support to public schools by $1. more »»

The truth

July 1, 2016 I just read the letter from Jon Smith entitled “Lying and blaming.” He’s telling the truth about Hillary Clinton. Read the article, and it will tell us we don’t want and need her as president. more »»

Republicans stand with terrorists

June 29, 2016 When Donald Trump took a bow on Twitter after the Orlando tragedy, accepting congratulations for predicting it, he really should not have been credited for being so prescient – almost every... more »»

In God We Trust

June 29, 2016 The United States was developed with God in mind. Our Constitution and Freedoms are with Him in mind. But today it is outlawed to mention God at anytime and anywher. more »»



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