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What’s needed

April 5, 2015 I have read most of the letters to the Sun-Gazette. Renovations at Bowman Field are a great investment for the community of Williamsport. more »»

Can't resist it!

April 5, 2015 A letter suggested that Western New York should join Central Pennsylvania in order to form a new state, "a proud RED state. more »»

City candidates

April 5, 2015 We all know about the kids being bullied at school, playgrounds, and social media. We as adults want this to stop because too many kids are getting hurt from being Bullied... more »»

Hear us

April 5, 2015 We the People of Cascade, Eldred, Fairfield, Gamble, Upper Fairfield, Plunketts Creek and Montoursville should be heard by our local representatives before costly actions are taken on our behalf. more »»

Safety and courtesy

April 5, 2015 As folks are once again returning to walk and ride their bicycles on the Susquehanna River Walk Trail, I would like to offer a few suggestions other states use and publicize (PA is behind the times)... more »»

All aboard

April 5, 2015 Every day, ordinary people like you and me routinely place our lives in the hands of total strangers without the slightest hesitation. more »»

For more gun control

April 5, 2015 The recent shooting of a two-year-old child inside a Montoursville home demonstrates clearly, the need for better gun laws. The two adults, were both "license to carry" individuals. more »»

No equivalency

April 5, 2015 Tim Mannello’s attempt to paint the position of Israelis and Palestinian Arabs as equivalent does not comport with the facts on the ground. more »»


April 4, 2015 Being an alumnus of Montoursville Area High School, I am appalled at the plans the School Board has in the works for the tax payers in the District. more »»


April 4, 2015 I was impressed with Phil Underwood's letter on classism. Mr. Underwood ends his letter by writing, "our national conversation should concentrate upon class difference not racial differences. more »»

The Democratic Party

April 3, 2015 Since the time I was born, my parents were Democrats and I was a Democrat. Sad as it is the Democratic Party is no longer a party of the common man. more »»


April 3, 2015 I work in Lycoming County at a gas job and myself and everyone I work with is furious with Gov. Wolf for raising taxes on the job creators. more »»


April 3, 2015 Headline! The Public Relations Office at Texas A&M rated President Obama the 5th best president in U.S. History after serving only 6 years in office. more »»

Reverse radiation

April 2, 2015 My physics professors taught me that cold objects do not radiate, but I’ve disagreed on the subject. more »»


April 2, 2015 I hunt. I fish. I trap. I am for PETA — People Eating Tasty Animals. more »»

Attention voters!

April 2, 2015 You don’t vote? Shame. A lot of people in many countries wish they could have a voice in their government. Voting is one of the greatest privileges an adult American citizen has. more »»

Understanding abortion

April 1, 2015 Regarding Ms. more »»

Are school boards out of control?

April 1, 2015 It seems as if the school boards have become dictators. The reason I say this is simpl. more »»

Big dreams

April 1, 2015 I'm way past my mid-life crisis but I'd really like a sparkly new red Porche loaded with all the bells and whistles. Dang, I can only afford a Kia. more »»

Not getting better

March 31, 2015 Regarding a March 9 story in the Sun-Gazette, What’s on Your Mind?: A Sunbury man says America is getting better all the time. more »»



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