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Reid destroying USA

June 18, 2014 The Senate Democrats allow their leader to ignore the law and stop any bipartisan laws to be acted upon or amended. Harry Reid has had no Senate Budget for three years required by law. more »»

New American Party

June 18, 2014 “There’s a new name for the “Tea Party.” It is now called the “Republican Party. more »»

Excited by changes at park

June 18, 2014 I am so excited about the changes at Memorial Park. Pickleball is one of the great American sports and I'm glad Williamsport finally has a cour. more »»

Where does it end?

June 17, 2014 I see school taxes are going up again. I guess we better get used to it when they give out $50,000 raises, which is more then most people make a year. more »»

Bergdahl trade

June 17, 2014 I read in the paper and heard on T V, June 9 various comments by our elected Federal officials, mostly Democrats, Israel trades for prisoners at 5 to one. more »»

Ignoring vets

June 17, 2014 I have been reading with interest all of the news articles and editorials regarding the VA medical scandal. I agree that this is abhorrent treatment of our Veterans. more »»

Where are the laws?

June 16, 2014 Where are the laws? I have had it with people who have worked all their life in healthcare and when it comes to their well-being it doesn't matter. more »»

Climate deniers

June 16, 2014 This is in response to Mr. more »»

In agreement

June 16, 2014 I agree with Nathan Bierly’s letter on May 31 100 percent. I couldn’t have said it better had I written it myself. In the Bible, it was Adam and Eve who were married, not Adam and Steve. Berton L. more »»

Not front-page news

June 16, 2014 I can’t believe what your newspaper considers front page news – gays and lesbians getting their marriages licenses. Puuulleese! I’m so disappointed. more »»

Same old story

June 16, 2014 Regarding the article on May 28, Page B-4, “Gas Well proposed in Loyalsock-Eldred Township ”: There will be truck traffic on Warrensville Road whether the well is drilled at the proposed site or... more »»


June 15, 2014 This pertains to the article in the newspaper, “Online gambling could get a look in Pennsylvani. more »»

Volunteer, please

June 15, 2014 You are sitting there watching TV, getting bored to death watching another rerun. Then your scanner goes off three [3] tones. more »»

City needs a cleaning

June 15, 2014 I saw where Pete White had a march against the removal of the basketball hoops in Memorial park and Newberry. As they did the march there were three little kids dribbling basketballs on the sidewal. more »»

Little League’s 75th

June 15, 2014 I grew up in the era of Little League. I was lucky to live on West Fourth Street right next to the Little League field. I spent a good part of my life at the field. more »»

What we want to say

June 15, 2014 No president that has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of The United States may bypass Congress and form secret committees to perform such an act as the recent Bergdahl release. more »»

Benedict Obama

June 15, 2014 Judas Iscariot; Benedict Arnold; Alger Hiss; Aldrich Ames. These are some of the more notable turncoats, traitors, back stabbers if you will, that populate history. more »»

Very sad

June 15, 2014 The latest incident in the park, involving Mr. White, and the city police intervention; over the use of portable basketball hoops is very sa. more »»

Handwriting on the wall

June 14, 2014 The outrage today seems to be that our society is getting the idea of thinking all problems can be solved with a gun instead of using common sense. more »»

Shootings and basketballs

June 14, 2014 The lastest shootings in the city of Williamsport, were there any basketballs found at the crime scenes? Yes, no, maybe? Frank Kelley Williamsport Submitted by Virtual Newsroom ... more »»



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