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Well-deserved praise

May 19, 2016 After reading the first of your Sesquicentennial Corner weekly series in the paper on Sunday, I thought well-deserved praise was in order. more »»

The Montoursville remedy

May 19, 2016 I have a message for all of the people living in the area served by the Montoursville Area Schools. more »»

Required reading

May 18, 2016 A letter that appeared in Sunday's edition entitled "Molon Labe" authored by Mr. Jon Smith should be considered required reading for any American who loves our country and it's freedoms. more »»

What if, Tim?

May 18, 2016 In response to your latest rant of "what ifs" in May 16th's edition: If Trump does all this after being elected, I'd say he's a damn good president. more »»


May 17, 2016 Hillary Clinton was asked to name her greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State. more »»

Time to back Trump

May 17, 2016 The GOP establishment needs to put aside their problems and back Donald Trump. Our country cannot take another four years of liberal lunacy. President Obama has nearly destroyed our country. more »»

Gap can’t be healed

May 17, 2016 All presidential candidates are promising to unite Americans, but they fail to tell us what they are going to unite us around. more »»


May 17, 2016 It used to be if an immigrant wanted to be a citizen of America, at least 5 things had to happen: Learned to speak English, our language; Obey our laws and rules; get a job and pay taxes; live in... more »»


May 16, 2016 I heard a phrase Wednesday, "We have to do right by our Kids. more »»

What then?

May 16, 2016 We frequently criticize presidents for not carrying through on the promises they made while running for president. more »»

Unfair taxation

May 15, 2016 The Williamsport Area School Board will vote on Tuesday whether to conduct an assessment of all properties sold in the last three years. If passed, homeowners would be forced to pay an unfair tax. more »»


May 15, 2016 Politicians have the American public believing that our children of today are under-educated. more »»

Learn from animals

May 15, 2016 What is wrong with people in this day and age? Everyone is outraged over a child being spanked for misbehaving. What is worse, the child’s mother “felt pressured and now feels guilty.” Not goo. more »»

Someone cared enough

May 15, 2016 When I saw the back page of the April 23 paper, I couldn’t help but think that even though the streets workers had to interrupt their chores to get rid of the pain, someone cared enough to act on... more »»

The American flag

May 15, 2016 I read the letter “Take down the flag” and decided on a little education. The writer said the only people killed were Americans. more »»


May 15, 2016 The lead article in the Sun-Gazette that appeared on April 25, the day before the primary election, had a major error. more »»

Victors write history

May 15, 2016 Recently on this page there has been an ongoing discussion about the displaying of the Confederate battle fla. more »»

Molon Labe

May 15, 2016 If you, like me, are one of the millions of legal and responsible gun owners in the United States, you had better pay close attention to the presidential election race. more »»

Heroin Epidemic

May 14, 2016 While volunteering for “Help Yourself, Inc.,” a 24-hour helpline referral public service in Williamsport, Kim Good and I and friends dealt with the heroin addiction problem in the 1970s. more »»

The forgotten artist

May 14, 2016 Peter "Wolf" Toth did a remarkable job in carving out the sculpture "Woapalanee" and I truly believe that no one could have done it better. But you seem to have forgotten the other artist involved. more »»



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