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July 20, 2014 Every summer, my wife and I run a TNT Fireworks tent located in Loyal Plaza to help finance our sons’ college educations. more »»

Honoring silent warrior

July 20, 2014 Several months ago Dave Lehman and I had the privilege, and more importantly the honor, to spend some time bending an elbow with Clyde Waltz at the Zafar Grotto in South Williamsport. more »»

Enablers of tyrants

July 20, 2014 When you fail to fight fiercely against assaults on your faith, the sanctity of life, the sovereignty of our borders, the gift of our freedom, you are a compliant enabler of tyrants. more »»

Not a hater

July 19, 2014 I'm sure you've received many responses to the July 1 quote from Frank Schaefer: "The church is changing and that is good news for everybody", and I'm equally sure that several were vitrioli. more »»

Beating the tick (Lyme Disease)

July 19, 2014 I would like to comment on the article entitled “Beating the Tick” that was in the newspaper on July 8, 2014. Dr. more »»

The library and literacy

July 18, 2014 I read with interest your editorial on Friday, June 27th, headlined "Library reading program weapon to bolster literacy. more »»

A connection?

July 18, 2014 After reading the hysterical ravings in the letter “Our Borders” and the forum posts, I decide to write. more »»

Foolish blunders

July 17, 2014 You may recall that a few weeks ago, our illustrious president spoke of past presidents making prisoner swaps at the end of wars that took place on their watch, much like his swap he said... more »»

A needed change

July 17, 2014 Georgia's school superintendents would reject arming teachers even if law allowed. more »»

A solution

July 16, 2014 Since President Obama has opened the borders, and Nancy Pelosi is happy because in her words soon Texas will blue state, why don't we simply put the thousands of people coming across our border on... more »»

Welfare solution

July 16, 2014 I suggest a new Federal Welfare Law. This law will be based on a five year lifetime plan. One can select 5 years in a row or 5 years for one's lifetime. more »»

For nature lovers

July 16, 2014 Those of you who are nature lovers, check the pond in the Game Lands that is just off Route 44 about 3 miles north of the Allenwood red light. It was beautiful and full of wildlife. more »»

‘Greed is good’

July 15, 2014 Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist who often appears on this page. His most recent book is called “What Works. more »»

A Sunday section on religion is one thing

July 15, 2014 The Fourth's banner headline on the front page reading "GOD BLESS AMERICA" against a colorful and celebratory backdrop is quite another. more »»

Sidestepping Congress

July 14, 2014 Republicans are complaining because Obama threatened to sidestep Congress to get policy enacted. more »»


July 14, 2014 When a State or Federal Appellate Court decides that a Federal Law should be ignored by a state, is that not a violation of Federal law and the Constitution? When the President condones the breakin... more »»

Ban says a lot

July 13, 2014 Today is a sad day in my hometown of Williamsport and the surrounding towns in our county of Lycoming. more »»

Where nobility comes from

July 13, 2014 “All men are created equal.” So states the Declaration of Independence which was signed on July 4, 1776. Americans believed we were here because of God, our Creator. Americans believed it then. more »»

Teachers hold retirees hostage

July 12, 2014 Our school board seems to think they’re the only citizens entitled to a better standard of life. After working 30 years in a factory, I find myself living on less than $18,000 a year. more »»

Millions came

July 12, 2014 Over the history of this great country, millions and millions and millions came to America. They obeyed the rule to become U.S. naturalized citizens. more »»



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