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Praising Dr. Little

October 28, 2014 It was so good to read about our former veterinarian, Dr. Robert Little Sr. I started going to him when I got my first cocker spaniel 52 years ago, a birthday gift from my late husband. Dr. more »»


October 28, 2014 First of all, I came from the old school. We were taught to respect our parents and our neighbor, our school teacher. more »»


October 27, 2014 I do not trust “slick” politicians, any of them. Do I repeat myself in as much as slick used with politician is an oxymoron? I do trust Governor Corbett. As promised Corbett balanced the budget. more »»

The priorities

October 27, 2014 Pension reform? Is that what the 83rd District wants? The House bill to eliminate property taxes is what we want! Reduce the insurance premiums on flood insurance, health insurance. more »»

Legislature is key

October 27, 2014 A week from tomorrow it appears that the voters of Pennsylvania are going to issue a pink slip to Gov. Corbett. You can take that whichever way you like. more »»

Candidates and election

October 27, 2014 Quite often when we are coming into the Fall and Spring elections often it is published in the newspaper that there is a light turnout expected to vote. more »»

Refreshing, then . . .

October 27, 2014 It was refreshing to hear that our president canceled a fundraiser to call a meeting on Ebola. Although no news that I heard of resulted from the meeting. more »»

Worth sharing

October 26, 2014 I remember reading the following article back in the 1970's in a small town paper. I believe it is quite appropriate to share with all the readers. more »»


October 26, 2014 In light of the upcoming election, I am reminded of the numerous reasons why I would not vote for a political candidate. more »»

The real issue

October 26, 2014 Dear Valley Representatives, Sen. Yaw and all candidates for these offices, For many of us, this is the one issue that will be a reason to bother to vote this November. more »»

The political muck

October 26, 2014 American voters are mired with only two truly recognizable political parties, both of which are ideologically driven to achieve their parties’ objectives at the expense of the other party and... more »»

A man of honor

October 26, 2014 On a Sunday morning when a dear friend of mine called to tell me that Rick Walker had passed away it took my breathe away. Not only was Rick a great newspaper man but also a man of honor. more »»

Money priorities

October 26, 2014 So let me get this straight: We are planning and building a $400,000-plus river access in Jersey Shore but we can't do much of anything for those affected in the flood plain in that borough. more »»

Two more cents

October 26, 2014 A letter was published Oct. 12 stating that we don't need gun control, just clean up the violence depicted in video games and movies and TV programs. more »»

Our real roots

October 26, 2014 In response to the letter "My Two Cents," published Oct. 12, Ms. Shipman wrote about a fairly large number of topics in several rather short paragraph. more »»


October 26, 2014 Several weeks ago I stopped by a local store to pick up a few items before a scheduled doctors appointmen. more »»


October 25, 2014 I am appalled and very disturbed by the Senior Sun article of Oct. more »»

Wishing for Truman

October 25, 2014 I wish Truman were president, first because “the buck stops here.” And second because the atomic bomb and saved many thousands of American military who would have died by fanatical Japanese. more »»

An excellent choice

October 24, 2014 As an elected official who rejects the Democrat-versus-Republican rivalry that has so badly damaged our nation, I have personal experience with the value of varied perspectives in government. more »»


October 24, 2014 Wow. That's all I can say after reading Diana Yeagle's letter about people who are not disabled using scooters. Let me point out that not all disabilities are visible. more »»



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