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February 10, 2015 I understand the Gov. Wolf barred Yeungling from the inaugural party because he didn’t like the political views of the owner. I thought he was the governor of all of Pennsylvania. more »»

Re-elect Barrett

February 9, 2015 There is an old saying that if isn't broken don't fix it. I think that theupcoming election for the office of Bradford County District Attorney is more than just not changing horses in mid-stream. more »»

Of great concern

February 9, 2015 This letter goes out to the parents and guardians of the all the children who go to Cochran Elementary School. I’m sure many of us feel the same about what I’m going to mention. more »»

Unseemly joyride

February 9, 2015 South Williamsport Parents: Do you know where your kids are? On the night of January 29, some of them were apparently stealing my car. more »»

War with Iran

February 8, 2015 The permanent members of the U.N. more »»

The difference

February 8, 2015 Dr. Vosk, there is a difference. Islamic terrorists target civilians, the younger, weaker and more horrific the murder the better they thin. more »»

Oil trumps democracy

February 8, 2015 The spectacle of U.S. and European leaders honoring two kings of Saudi Arabia, one dead and one living, should make everyone wonder about how committed these leaders really are to democracy. more »»

My difference

February 8, 2015 In response to Dr. Vosk’s letter about who are terrorists, let me start by saying that he is 100 percent correct that every life has value. more »»

Wake up, America

February 7, 2015 Our government is giving our country away. President Obama wants to give complete amnesty to millions of these illegal aliens. more »»

Nothing to be proud of

February 7, 2015 When a major decision such as the NCAA loses its bid to avoid trial, by the highest court in Pennsylvania, it trips a trigger within the average citizen that makes us feel like we are equal and that... more »»

GOP must stay true

February 7, 2015 The Republican Party needs to stay true to its conservative base of voters. They must not waiver or give in to more moderate, liberal or libertarian stances. more »»

Some good news

February 6, 2015 In writing my annual letter concerning Roe . more »»

Welfare for state

February 5, 2015 Pennsylvania’s minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. I suggest our state welfare payment should be 40 hours x $7.25 = $210 a week. Income taxes and social security will be withhel. more »»

Number 1 always

February 5, 2015 I just read the letter from Daniel Yoxheimer (1/20) about Joe Patern. more »»

Excellent letters

February 4, 2015 I enjoyed reading the "American History" letters (January 4th and January 18th) by Edward Brown of Hughesville. more »»

Honor deserved

February 4, 2015 I don’t know about you, but as I get older I read (in fact don’t miss) the obituary section of our newspaper. Of special interest, I read about the pasts of veterans. more »»

Thoughts about America

February 2, 2015 People can get arrested in America for hunting or fishing without a license but not for being in our country illegally. more »»


February 2, 2015 It is encouraging to read about ice skating opportunities in the paper. more »»

Unbelievable letter

February 2, 2015 I cannot believe the letter of Arno Vosk. He defends the terrorists. Who does that? Vosk is trying to argue through "reason" that this is a 'grey' issue. It's not. It's good versus evil. more »»

Leak in the dam

February 1, 2015 Lycoming County OK’s raising water and sewer rates $84 a year, as well as property taxes $100 a year. more »»



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