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Necessary evils

December 15, 2015 Stephanie Crayton's letter to the editor says that we have too much plastic in our foo. more »»

Retaining gun rights

December 15, 2015 As a retired federal agent, I am glad there are now about 12 million legally-armed concealed handgun folks in the U.. more »»

Who comes first?

December 14, 2015 Under President Obama the illegal refugees and prisoners in our jails come first. Our Obama is very sympathetic toward drug dealers and users as he considers them non violent. more »»

Get something done

December 14, 2015 Would you please get something done! The House is out of order! Im talking about the Pennsylvania budget that was due July 1. more »»


December 14, 2015 I read with frustration and disappointment of the "ethical decisions" Mr. Jackson considered in relation to huntin. more »»

Muslim immigration

December 14, 2015 For our so called leader in the "White House", our governor and all the other people who want to bring thousands of muslims into this country, I offer these proposals. more »»

A Christmas story

December 13, 2015 This is a Christmas story. At Christmas we focus on the birth of Christ and the significance it holds for Christians. more »»

Obama’s priorities

December 13, 2015 Another mass shooting and President Obama's fixation on disarming law-abiding gun owners increases noticeably from his lackluster determination in defeating the Muslim ISIS terrorists threatening... more »»

What are they doing?

December 13, 2015 What are politicians trying to do to the U. S.A.? From President Obama to the Mayor of Chicago, (neither deserve respect so I refuse to use their name), appear to wish to destroy our way of lif. more »»

More dithering ahead

December 13, 2015 In 2010, City Council had a golden opportunity to take some real action and help make a real difference in Williamsport’s rising crime rate by authorizing cameras on various streets. more »»

Alternative approaches

December 13, 2015 The mayor says cameras and drones are the best use of taxpayer dollars to bring crime down in Williamsport. more »»


December 13, 2015 In the 1990s and the early 2000s there was a professor at Penn College who was teaching the kids socialism. more »»

A major victory

December 13, 2015 With all of the bad news regarding mass shootings, terrorism and natural disasters, at least locally we can take comfort in a major victory: The new school project for Montoursville has been... more »»

Looking into souls

December 12, 2015 Is State Attorney General Kathleen Kane guilty of releasing grand jury information illegally that embarrassed her political enemies and later lie about it? Perhaps! But you have to give her credi. more »»

Tax dollars at work

December 12, 2015 When President Obama took office he used our tax dollars to bale out General Motors so they could build a factory in China and make SUVs then sell them back in the United States. more »»

Good letters

December 12, 2015 Paul Goldsmith and Phil Underwood had good letters these past two days. My uncle just bought me a hat from a Donald Trump rally that is camouflage and says make America great again on it. more »»

Wake up call!

December 12, 2015 Wouldn’t you think the attack in Paris, France, where ISIS terrorists killed 120 and wounded 320 would wake President Obama and Democrats up? Prior to the attack in Paris, he went on TV and said ISI... more »»

Police carrying their own

December 11, 2015 If officers were to carry their own professional liability insurance, insurance rates would increase for each misconduct case brought against an officer. more »»

Assault weapons ban

December 11, 2015 Expect a reintroduction of the 1994 Clinton “Assault Weapons Ban. more »»

Truth be told

December 11, 2015 If someone had told me seven years ago the things that would change in America and throughout the world under our president, I would have refuted the individual with a few expletives and then replied. more »»



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