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Political robbery

June 13, 2015 A few months ago, Charles Krauthammer, had a column in the Sun-Gazette Sunday paper. more »»

Taking offense

June 13, 2015 To Mr. Goldsmith, the teacher's union does not have anything to do with the approval of a project like the proposed new high school in Montoursville. more »»

Change the name

June 12, 2015 I am writing to request publicly that Compass Natural Gas Partners change the name of its CNG terminal on Rt. 87, identified as the “Quaker” Termina. more »»

Bring out your dead

June 12, 2015 Bill Clinton’s wife is at it again (No, I I won’t use her name). more »»

Thanks for series

June 11, 2015 I wish to thank you for your "Public education quandary" article in the Sunday newspaper. more »»

Boss Tweed

June 11, 2015 In answer to Michelle Malkin’s question, Boss Tweed built the Brooklyn Bridge. He facilitated up to $65,000 in bribes to New York’s aldermen in order to win their backing for a $1. more »»

Leave science to scientists

June 11, 2015 In commenting on climate change, Republican leaders like John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Jim Inhofe, Marco Rubio and, most recently, Rick Santorum, have said something... more »»

Running out of money

June 10, 2015 I wrote into this paper asking for good reasons why Montoursville should build the $36 million new high school. more »»

The comparison

June 10, 2015 In my recent letter, I was trying to use North Korea’s evil ruler, Kim Jong Un, as a comparison to Obama, who could have controlled much of the death, destruction and suffering in the Middle East by... more »»

The right move?

June 10, 2015 We had a disturbance here at 707 second avenue apt. A on Sunday afternoon and the police were called. more »»

Glaucoma’s scourge

June 9, 2015 Thank God that the open angle glaucoma that I have experienced gave me disorders that announced its coming. First, at eight years of age, my eyes got exceptionally well-sighted. more »»

Make her accountable!

June 9, 2015 I am really infuriated by all the extensive national hype and media coverage concerning punishment of Tom Brady and inflated footballs! Really? We are holding a football player to a higher standard... more »»

Term limits

June 9, 2015 There is no need for new legislations for term limits. There is already federal legislation; it limits the term of the president to two terms or eight year. more »»

Corrupt government

June 8, 2015 Our state and federal politicians are so corrupt and crooked. They spend taxpayer money and most of their time, investigating each other to find out who is the biggest bad ass. more »»

Shameful voter turnout

June 8, 2015 There was a 28 percent turnout for the recent election. Woah! Try living in North Korea and you would wish you could vote, openly and free. more »»

Good VA job

June 8, 2015 Due to a recent medical emergency, I utilized my benefit of the Veteran’s Administratio. more »»

Brandon Park Indian

June 8, 2015 Many people have called me in reference to the Indian at the entrance of Brandon Park and the poor condition it is in and getting worse. more »»

In agreement

June 8, 2015 Just read the letter from Curley Jett, and I agree 100 percent with him. There wouldn’t be so much crime if the “Trigger Pullers” would think before they do what they do. more »»

Shut out

June 7, 2015 There was a local music venue, called the Ground Floor, that was located on Fourth Street in Williamsport, across from the James V. Brown Library. more »»


June 7, 2015 Whom do the members of a properly elected Montoursville school board represent, asks Mr. Snell. As he suggests, they represent their constituents. more »»



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