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October 18, 2015 n the Sun-Gazette on Sunday, there is a letter to the editor from Paul Rinker condemning Progressivism, and it's goal of Communism. He went on to attack social justice and the progressive tax system. more »»

A different perspective

October 18, 2015 All my life I been a volunteer sometimes for the Red Cross other times the United Way but many years for Little League Baseball. I like to give back to my community. more »»

Removing bacon

October 17, 2015 The federal government has removed bacon and other pork products from the national menu for federal prison inmates. more »»

An IQ test

October 17, 2015 In the latest Brass Key News is an explanation by a Pullman Conductor of the price differential between an upper and lower berth. more »»


October 17, 2015 It was just a matter of time. The Little League statues at the corner of 3rd and Market streets were just waiting to be vandalized. I was born and raised in Williamsport. more »»

Boycotting for the cops

October 16, 2015 Why should we boycott? Simple. Cops are there to protect all of us, whether general public or businesses. more »»

Saluting Central Service pros

October 16, 2015 Central Service professionals are being celebrated for their important role and commitment to patient safety during this International Central Service Week. more »»

Army of Occupation

October 16, 2015 The army of occupation is now in the U.S. thanks to a federal immigration policy and the Obama administration philosophy. more »»

Fossil fools

October 15, 2015 Global warming is a reality, and left unchecked, will lead to horrific consequences for the plane. more »»

Does anyone else get it?

October 15, 2015 Am I the only one who remembers the open mike conversation between President Obama and Russian leader Putin? As I recall, the president was overheard saying, "I will have more control over that when... more »»


October 15, 2015 I notice a lot of criminals are apprehended in and around the Timberland Apartments. more »»

The simple solution

October 13, 2015 In my opinion, stopping all the shootings at educational facilities would be very simple – just make it legal and required that all employees carry and be proficient with a loaded handgun. more »»


October 13, 2015 No one who was on the football team with me in high school likes President Obama or the liberals. Only the stoners and slackers from high school like him and that is how I know he is bad news. more »»

Citizens of Williamsport

October 13, 2015 By addressing certain issues that concern all people who live in Williamsport it is time to bring to the attention of City Council about the safety that address all living in the city. more »»

Thrilled by conversation

October 12, 2015 Thursday’s article about the last Lycoming County public meeting discussed how the conversation about the developing comprehensive plan has most recently focused on the “younger generation” (aka... more »»

President John F. Kennedy

October 12, 2015 I was not a big fan of President John F. Kennedy at the time, but I had to admire his animosity. He had the back bone to stand up to the Communist Russia and look them in the eye and back them dow. more »»

Laughing last

October 11, 2015 He who laughs last laughs best. That is why I am writing to the Williamsport Sun- Gazette. I was born in Williamsport and graduated from williamsport High School (1963). more »»

The struggle

October 11, 2015 The middle class and senior citizens of this nation are struggling, and they truly have been for decade. more »»


October 11, 2015 After reading the news Sept. 17, I am again enraged that our country is still taking care of the other countries instead of our own. more »»


October 11, 2015 Why is the city of Williamsport and the elected and appointed officials chosen to operate it as the county seat of Lycoming County, constantly taking advantage of being a government of its own... more »»



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