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Recipe for ruin

May 12, 2015 If you want to destroy public education, the quickest way to do it is to slash state funding to the local school districts, especially the poorer, rural schools. more »»

Empowering Iran

May 12, 2015 In a recent Letter to the Editor, a writer said there is no comparison between President Obama’s caving in to Iran and Neville Chamberlain empowering German militarism as a precursor to World War I. more »»

Climate extremists

May 11, 2015 At the time this is being written, it is below normal temperatures. more »»

Prayer Walk coverage appreciative

May 11, 2015 On behalf of the faith-based initiative sub-committee of the Heroin Task Force, thank you for the coverage of our countywide Prayer Walks held April 19. more »»

Homosexual marriages

May 11, 2015 There will never be a truly homosexual marriage. The “homosexual marriages” that are being forced on our country by the courts are pretend marriages. more »»

Lies of exaggerations

May 11, 2015 Susan Rice, former spokesperson for the State Department went on television and said the attacks on Benghazi were spontaneous when the White House knew it was well planned and coordinated. Now Ms. more »»

Remember when

May 11, 2015 I can remember growing up in the ‘40s and the only time you heard about a gun shot was if someone killed a deer in hunting season or if the US servicemen and women were kicking butt against Germany... more »»

Stop, drop, and roll!

May 10, 2015 Everyone in the Montoursville Area School District is "fired" up over the school boards decision to move forward with the proposed $36 million dollar renovation project. more »»

The money pit

May 10, 2015 The Montoursville Area School Board has gone all in on their building project and has decided that no price is too great, up to and including their integrity. more »»

No common sense

May 10, 2015 My wife and I don't have children but we are proud of our school district. more »»

What we need

May 10, 2015 I moved to Williamsport 25 years ago. I wouldn't have ever envisioned Williamsport being in this state. The city has turned into a "shooting" gallery. more »»

Music education win

May 10, 2015 Recently my wife and I had to choose one of two local musical presentations to attend: “The Williamsport Jazz Orchestra” or “The Williamsport Chamber Choir and Orchestra. more »»

All rights are limited

May 10, 2015 All of the rights enumerated, implied or outlined in the Constitution are limited – each and every one. more »»

Shariah Law takeover

May 10, 2015 It appears Shariah law is creeping into our country’s daily existence. What will the U.S.. more »»

The Iran deal

May 9, 2015 Yet another writer to the Williamsport Sun-Gazette argues that the “Iran Nuclear Accord” is a “compromise” and “deserves our suppor. more »»


May 9, 2015 These liberal “protests” in Baltimore are awful. Have you ever thought why liberal “protests” often end in rioting and police intervention? The Tea Party never rioted. more »»

Where there isn't sunshine

May 8, 2015 What realtors see and what people look at when considering a move to an area is on a site like Check the best school districts for your buck in PA blog. more »»

PennD0T and signs!

May 8, 2015 Two winters ago a snow plow hit a state sign for 15N-15S in Buttonwood and broke it off. I called PennDOT told what happened to sign. I was told someone would be out to fix i. more »»


May 8, 2015 I was disappointed that the Amish man from Allenwood only received an 8-16 year sentence for molesting 8 children. more »»

The explanation

May 8, 2015 Considering the death and destruction in Baltimore, the cause of it all was explained last week by Rush Limbaugh: "All, or at least the great majority of the politicians in Baltimore are Democrats!"... more »»



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