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Unfair blame

January 4, 2015 In response to the letter from Paul Goldsmith, “A good man.” Once again, Jesse Bloom is blamed for the drug problems in Williamsport. People underestimate Jesse. She is a strong woman. more »»

Unfair to disabled

January 4, 2015 As a middle-aged stroke victim, it has taken me some time to get used to the fact that I am now considered "Physically Disabled. more »»


January 4, 2015 The continued use of violence to settle our differences, within our society, is very tragi. more »»

The true facts

January 4, 2015 I am upset with the City Council for giving to the Williamsport Citizens Corps Council $1,000 of tax money that they have no right to have. more »»

Christian deniers

January 3, 2015 There are a lot of reasons behind the denial of man-made climate change. There are believers and atheists alike who agree in their denial of man-made climate change. more »»

Love Him back

January 3, 2015 God made Sunday as a sacred day of rest. I love Sunday because I get to go to church and watch football. Sports and religion bring out the best in people. The media and politics bring out the worst. more »»

Congressional voters

January 2, 2015 Recently a vote was taken in Congress to determine which Republican congressmen were determined to stop President Obama’s illegal Executive Amnesty and Obamacare, and which were more interested in... more »»

Stop this

January 2, 2015 I am writing to inform the public of the EPA’s pending approval of chemicals (2, 4d) to be coated on all genetically engineered corn and soy beans to kill weeds. more »»

Mockingbird killing

January 2, 2015 To kill a beautiful leopard for a trophy is as the saying goes to kill a mockingbird. more »»

Making a mess

January 1, 2015 Back in the 1950s you would be locked away in an insane asylum if you talked about taking away peoples guns, legalizing dope, banning free speech and hating America. more »»

Legalize all drugs

January 1, 2015 I don't know why all drugs aren't legalized and not just marihuana. I don't see any police being able to control the influx if the dope heads or dealers. more »»

Help me understand

January 1, 2015 I recently had a devastating experience. After working most of my life, I suddenly found myself in need of applying for unemployment aid. more »»

The Beckoning Cat Project

December 31, 2014 I would like to give a huge thanks to this wonderful organization for the great service they are doing for our community. more »»

A true hero

December 31, 2014 Your news story of Dec. 11 indicates that John McCain is being criticized for endorsing the release of harsh interrogation techniques. more »»

Health insurance fraud

December 31, 2014 I thought “We the people” lived in a democracy where we choose what we want. Apparently we have a communistic style of government that thinks they have the right to tell us what is best for us. more »»

Will GOP sell us out again?

December 31, 2014 First, the Republicans cut taxes on corporate profits, then they cut funding for public education and then the taxpayers paid higher school real estate property taxes. more »»

Police, protests, peace

December 30, 2014 Almost all Americans have a deep respect and appreciation for the vast majority of police who go out to protect us every day with the often unspoken fear that they may not return to their wives and... more »»

The next Reagan?

December 29, 2014 I remember I was 21 years old and living on my parent's farm when Ronald Reagan became president. I didn't know much about politics but didn't have to to see that this was a great leader. more »»

Getting the facts straight

December 29, 2014 Regarding the editorial Dec. 15 on the Garner tragedy: You say that watching the video of this confrontation had you stunned and horrified. more »»

Missing the science

December 29, 2014 Realizing that the editorial staff of a major news organ such as the Sun-Gazette cannot possibly have time to address all issues in depth, I decided to do a little research on President Obama's... more »»



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