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August 10, 2015 Who should oppose the current Montoursville School Board's plan for a New School, otherwise known as Option 5? Environmentalists and those concerned with our societal carbon footprint should be... more »»

Fireworks and Freedom?

August 9, 2015 This is in response to letter Bank the Freedom in July 24th paper. more »»


August 9, 2015 I’m writing in response to the July 23 article about the Montoursville School District building project and the group known as “common sense” who have filed suit against the district. more »»


August 9, 2015 Reading the Sun-Gazette this morning, I saw another article about the state budget in which one Gov. more »»

History repeats itself

August 9, 2015 The reason for discontent in the Montoursville Area School District is obvious. more »»

Not the truth

August 9, 2015 A letter entitled “Don’t Be Duped” appeared in last Wednesday’s Letters to the Editor. more »»

Examine closely

August 9, 2015 As we approach the general election in November for many local and state positions, I have begun to weigh every candidate as never before. more »»

Replacing property taxes

August 8, 2015 Real estate property taxes generate income for local and county government, as well as local school districts. To eliminate those taxes, that revenue needs to be switched to another tax. more »»

Regarding the Confederate Flag

August 8, 2015 This concerns the Confederate Flag. Mr. Galligher gave an accurate description of the “Old Flag” but didn’t tell what it has stood for ever since the Civil War. It has stood for “Rebe. more »»

Walk it back, EPA

August 8, 2015 We all want clean air. The questions is, at what cost? When costs outweigh benefits, a policy needs to be reconsidered. When there are no benefits to be had, it needs to be shelved. more »»

Right vs. Left

August 7, 2015 Charles Reeder, you are 100 percent correct in saying the right is scared of the left. Just the thought of the Clintons back in the White House is scarier than ISIS. more »»

Flag blaming

August 7, 2015 Regarding blaming the Confederate flag and some people even blaming the American flag, for the bad things that happen in this country, doesnn’t anybody take responsibility for their actions anymore?... more »»

Tale of the swallow

August 7, 2015 One father barn swallow alone persuaded me to get his nest with a family of birds in it out of an apple tree where I had placed it and put it back up in a basement joist where I had removed it from. more »»

Saving Woapalanne

August 7, 2015 In the 1990s it was an honor/privilege to drive special needs children, of all ages, to school for WASD. Woapalanne was their treat and mine to see and hear their excitement. more »»

Faulty thinking

August 7, 2015 I saw your article about tradition at Penn State, Zac! Sorry but I disagree with your line of thinking, for a few different reasons. 1.) Four or five years of sweat and strain just to make varsity 2. more »»

Unsettling similarities

August 6, 2015 Islamic fundamentalists have created a reign of terror in parts of the Middle East. They violently suppress and terrorize those who disagree with their narrow, savage point of view. more »»

African obsession

August 6, 2015 President Obama, if you are so concerned about Africa, please resign your present job, move your family and you to Africa and help them; you have helped us enough. more »»

Instructive letter

August 6, 2015 Ida Temple's letter today notified us of the fact that we need to be critical of politicians. Donald Trump would not make a good president because he does not think before he speak. more »»

Frustrated in traffic

August 6, 2015 Frustration while waiting for traffic lights seems more common every yea. more »»

In worse shape

August 5, 2015 I read the short letter from David Frye in the paper on July 3, 2015, entitled, “I wonder.” I agree with Mr. more »»



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