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Misleading headline

February 25, 2015 Your recent Religion section carried an AP article with the headline, "Obama condemns those who seek to hijack religion". The headline was very misleading. more »»

Stop personal attacks

February 24, 2015 I am not surprised by the number of people who read and completely misinterpreted and missed the point of my husband, Arno Vosk’s, letter “In Eye of Beholder. more »»

The information turnpike

February 24, 2015 Our over-controlling government now has its regulatory sites set on the internet. more »»

Start saving now

February 23, 2015 Start Saving Now! This is in response to the article on the front page of the Feb. 9 paper regarding the 81-year-old man, William Funk, who is struggling to pay his bills. more »»

Dems will lose seats

February 23, 2015 With Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi losing both houses of Congress by large numbers and their backing of our president on all necessary corrective legislation, they will lose more seats in 2016. more »»

Accessibility help needed

February 23, 2015 Just the other day my girlfriend and I went to the Lycoming Mall in search of a new winter coat, and I found that it was oh so difficult to get around! I have had MS for 18 years now and I suffer... more »»

State snow plowing

February 23, 2015 I think the state snow plow drivers are doing a great job of cleaning our state highways up after and during a snowfall. more »»

Local taxes

February 22, 2015 We the people are getting hit with increased property taxes on our properties. Almost every school district and the county have raised our taxes. more »»

Cautious optimism

February 22, 2015 American consumers have been celebrating at the gasoline pumps lately. With gas prices at $2.17 as of February 7th, it truly has been a cause for celebration for us motorists. more »»

Guns and safeguards

February 22, 2015 After al Qaeda commandeered planes and murdered 3,000 citizens in 2001, they promised more killings at our stadiums, malls, and schools. more »»

About abortion

February 22, 2015 Here's the thing about abortion in the U.S., your not required to have one. This isn't China. No woman is mandated to terminate her second pregnancy. more »»


February 22, 2015 I have owned a business in downtown Williamsport for almost 20 years. more »»

School safety?

February 22, 2015 In response to Mrs. Tasha Sayah's letter. When my daughter started going to Sheridan Elementary I quickly noticed other parents not being careful or yielding the right of way to others. more »»

Boehner’s invitation

February 22, 2015 How very inappropriate for John Boehner, Leader in the House of Representatives, to invite Mr. more »»

Continue pressure

February 22, 2015 Regarding my most recent letter to the editor regarding flood mitigation, I would really like to see everyone write one of these but I know not everyone feels comfortable in doing s. more »»

Handling whiteouts

February 21, 2015 During a snow white-out in the state of Michigan, USA, on Jan. 9, 193 vehicles collided together. This included cars and trucks, with one fatality reported. more »»


February 21, 2015 It is absolutely treasonous that Barack Obama brought up the Crusades in his commentary on the Middle-East. more »»

Confused and overtaxed

February 21, 2015 am a confused and over-taxed tax payer. I reside in Bastress Township. A while ago our school district, “Jersey Shore Area” closed Nippenose Valley Elementary School. more »»

Animal abuse

February 21, 2015 These people who beat their pets and starve them and then throw them out on the street to die need to have the same thing done to them. more »»

Study the Bible

February 20, 2015 I am an 88-year-old widow living in a personal care home in the beautiful hills of northern Pennsylvania. A chorus I heard recently sang, “This land is my land, the land of my birth. more »»



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