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March 17, 2015 The Pine Creek Headwaters Group and the Wellsboro Planning Commission should be commended for their opposition to allow another polluting industry in Tioga County, which wants to dump 400,000 tons o... more »»

Amazed and appalled

March 17, 2015 Senator Toomey, I am amazed and appalled to see your signature attached to the letter to Iran. more »»

Gas prices skyrocketing

March 16, 2015 In reply to what Nancy Crum said, gas prices are skyrocketing because of the oil refineries in the gulf holding back on oil production and the Stock Market speculators putting in their high sales... more »»

Those who promote should pay

March 15, 2015 There is no pride in destruction of the old Montoursville High School for the sake of constructing a $36 million 3-story behemoth. more »»


March 15, 2015 It is sad in our world of today, that France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine must negotiate to find a way to halt the slaughter of over 5,3000 people in eastern Ukraine. more »»

Horrible animal abuse

March 15, 2015 More and more recent studies are showing the murder of millions and millions of animals using the most barbaric means.... more »»

Broken ties

March 15, 2015 The ties between Israel and the U.S. have always been close, as Allies and in principle. Benjamin Netanyahu is a true world leader. more »»

Changing taxes

March 15, 2015 The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy ranks Pennsylvania at number 6 in the Institute’s “Terrible 10” states that taxes low income earners up to seven times as much of their income in taxes... more »»

Lycoming County jingle

March 15, 2015 Old McDonald had a house E-I-E-I-O And in this house he had a checkbook E-I-E-I-O With a 1 mil here and a 1 mil there Here a mil, there a mil, everywhere a 1 mil (Except in Montoursville, 1. more »»


March 15, 2015 Let me see if I understand. Our President tells Saddam Hussein that he must give up his weapons of mass destruction or we will attack and remove them with force. more »»

Refinement needed

March 15, 2015 I offered an opinion recently on the president last week and I offer this regarding the governor's budget. Don't want to rant too much, but change is needed her. more »»

Enough already!

March 15, 2015 I do not hunt nor trap nor fish. Not interested in those kind of activities even though I have family that does. more »»

Enlightening letter

March 15, 2015 I would like to thank Dr. Lipson for his letter concerning my article, “The Plum Tree Massacre and the Iroquois War on Colonial Expansion. more »»

Team America

March 15, 2015 "We gotta challenge them (the Obama Administration) on every single bill and on every single campaign. more »»

Business with the devil!

March 14, 2015 Our present Federal Government is giving Iran an opening to get an atomic bomb. Iran aleady has the missiles to deliver a bomb. more »»

Ready for more taxes?

March 14, 2015 I hope everybody that voted for Wheeland and Wolf is ready for more taxes because both like to spend money and don't care about your taxes Jack McCoy Pennsdale Submitted by Virtual News... more »»

Not here to judge

March 14, 2015 I read a letter that was in the paper complaining about Mayor Campana and the truth truck about drug overdoses. more »»

Share drug dog

March 14, 2015 I am writing in response to a letter written on March 2nd by Fred Johnson about Hughesville's Chief Smith purchasing a drug dog. more »»


March 14, 2015 Sometimes I believe your staff makes up stories just to mock the intelligence of your reader. more »»

Landmark zoning issue

March 14, 2015 Have Planners and Borough Officials held a public hearing on the Montoursville School construction? I guess I must’ve missed i. more »»



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