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May 5, 2016 In response to Tim Mannello's letter about misguided, the past eight years under President Obama has already assured our place in history as a nation of misguided fools. more »»

Showers diversion wrong

May 5, 2016 Shame on the mayor, judge and the First Community Foundation Partnership for redirecting the Shower's estate money. more »»

Setting record straight

May 4, 2016 A shout-out for Ray Hartman, who wrote a great letter about the Paris Peace Accord and also Henry Kissinger. You certainly did your research. Great job. more »»

The truth

May 4, 2016 Regarding the article, “Son of immigrants worries about negative mindsets,” Methinks the subject of the article protests too much. more »»

When you leaving?

May 4, 2016 Once again we have a letter calling for "us" to fight ISIS. more »»

Sucker season

May 2, 2016 Know that the Fish Commission Easter Egg hunt is over. Hopefully there will still be some money left to improve other species in fishing in Pa. more »»

Reread your history

May 2, 2016 I appreciate that you removed the flag that you were so proud of. I have had relatives in every war since The Revolution. more »»

Self-defense sense

May 2, 2016 About the time you think the gun control argument has reached the pinnacle of silliness, you read something like an article in the Huffington Post by a writer decrying the use of a firearm in... more »»

Doesn’t anybody care?

May 2, 2016 After recently reading about the "4th County Commissioner" currently employed by the County as a Director of Administration/Chief Clerk being paid more than $100,000/year, doesn't anyone care? Surel... more »»

Showers Estate

May 2, 2016 If City Council allows Emperor Gabe to get away with his latest move, big questions arise. more »»


May 2, 2016 Kudos to the county for acknowledging the reality and impact of sexual abuse by their public act of throwing roses into the river. more »»

In agreement

May 2, 2016 Mr. Ardell, you have had some great letters in the paper. You tell it like it is and I agree with 150 percent. more »»

Dragged down

May 1, 2016 Montoursville School District makes national news? Here we go again, nothing that comes out of this new school board surprises me. more »»

Startling, shameful

May 1, 2016 Fellow citizens, in a startling and shameful development, the Montoursville Area School Board voted to approve a new school board member despite the fact that each member of the board was given a... more »»

Shredding integrity?

May 1, 2016 Regional, State and National attention continues to focus on the Montoursville Area School District in growing criticism of the Board’s recent appointment of an interim Board Member who’s recent... more »»

Give her a chance

May 1, 2016 This letter is in regard to all the controversy surrounding Karen Wright and the Montoursville School Board. I just am appalled and saddened by what is happening here. more »»

Sick of it

May 1, 2016 How long does it take for a country that started out as a democracy that honored God and respected its fellow man to continue on until it becomes corrupt, no longer honoring God, nor properly servin... more »»

Free speech violated

May 1, 2016 Curt Schilling is a sports icon. He went on to a career in the broadcast booth with ESPN. His job required him to report on sports. That's why his employer hired him. They paid Mr. more »»

Thankful for support

May 1, 2016 Our community is kind and generou. more »»


May 1, 2016 Ralph Meyer’s letter of April 1, 2016, submitted on behalf of the Mansfield University Council of Trustees, is filled with inaccuracies and misinformation about the University administration’s effor... more »»



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