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Out of control!

April 17, 2015 Complaints from some that federal regulations are out of control. Maybe but maybe not. Congress passes an act that becomes law and in order to enforce that law a new government agency is created. more »»

Take our country back

April 17, 2015 Mr. McAndrew's letter today addressed an issue that America needs to move forward. more »»

Beefs with market

April 16, 2015 It’s almost time for the Williamsport Grower's Market and with it comes the controlled monopoly certain vendors have over who is let i. more »»

The rich get richer

April 16, 2015 Did I really just read that the Williamsport Lycoming County Visitors Bureau doled out another $9,000 to Little League International? Now don’t get me wrong – we all love kids and many people like... more »»

Save a life; it may be yours!

April 16, 2015 I have seen this time and time again, and yet I can't try to make a difference unless I voice what needs to be stated. We all need to get to and from in our day to day lives. more »»


April 15, 2015 A parody to the song, “Do you want to know a secret.” Do we want to know a secret? Yes! Yes! Yes! But the country won’t tell you, woah, woah woah! A hand-picked candidate? We just don’t know. more »»

Sell the liquor stores?

April 15, 2015 Whether or not to sell the Pennsylvania liquor stores is a matter of politics. Democrats are more people-oriented and Republicans are more property-oriented and profits follow property. more »»

It's not about race

April 15, 2015 Why can't we all get along? Answer: Because there is profit and political advantage in keeping us separate. What should I do? Throw rocks at my wife who is 1/4 Cherokee. more »»

Congratulations, litterbugs

April 15, 2015 I would like to congratulate all the litterbugs. Once again, you've managed to trash up our roadways to the point where we can't see the "forest thru the debri. more »»


April 13, 2015 What are they thinking, the Williamsport school district is in need of education! Where do they think federal grants come from, the taxpayers! What right do they have to put millions of my dollars... more »»

Stray cat angst

April 13, 2015 To the people who "own" the stray cats that wander on Main St. and Market St. in Muncy (or if you have a cat that you allow to wander anywhere, please take note): I own two cats, both indoor cats. more »»

Fiscal responsibility?

April 13, 2015 The taxpayers of Montoursville and surrounding townships want the best educational opportunities for our children and grandchildren. more »»


April 13, 2015 Imagine a socialist country where no one has any incentive to work. Imagine a country where smoking pot anywhere and at anytime is the nor. more »»

It can happen again

April 13, 2015 In terms of cruelty, and a sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain on those who pose no threat, it's hard to beat Japan's treatment of civilians in occupied territories and of POWs during WWII. more »»

Welcome everyone

April 13, 2015 So I read in the newspaper that there is a crime watch group called WE – welcome everyone. My problem with this group is I’m helping out with the crime watch meeting at the Presbyterian Hom. more »»


April 12, 2015 If you relied solely on newsprint you’d think those petitioning the Montoursville High School Renovation Project don’t want the best things possible for their children and grandchildren. Wron. more »»

Clean house

April 12, 2015 I was in attendance at the recent Montoursville School Board meeting where we were told, up front, they would not answer questions but would supply answers at a later date. more »»

Are you aware?

April 12, 2015 Are you aware the $36 million high school renovation project involves the following: • Demolition of approximately 125,000 SF of existing structures which will include the complete removal of the... more »»

Future on the line

April 12, 2015 Of late, that is, since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his speech in Congress, quite a few people have used the occasion to make critical references of him. more »»

Equal, not special

April 12, 2015 Equal rights does not mean special rights! However, many minority groups who claim they are fighting for equal rights, are actually fighting to get rights that go beyond being treated equally, they... more »»



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