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August 28, 2015 The morning of the Grand Slam Parade our chairs were placed in front of St. Joseph the Worker Parish in anticipation of watching the parade. more »»

Confiscating guns

August 28, 2015 Are you among those who think "they are coming to take our guns?" Relax; sleep well tonight. more »»

Real reason

August 28, 2015 What is the real reason our Democratic Governor voted no on liquor privatization? Read, the article in the Sun- Gazette July 3. Read between the line, get rid of the smoke screen. more »»

The real history

August 27, 2015 I was reading about the Hiroshima ceremony and I don’t agree with i. more »»

Disappointing behavior

August 27, 2015 As an adult out to enjoy the Grand Slam parade yesterday, I was shocked by the behavior of the adults with children in attendance as well as some young adults. more »»

Stop the Iran deal

August 27, 2015 Iran is destructive across the Middle East. more »»

How many more

August 26, 2015 There was another serious accident at the route 44 and 405 stop sign in Dewart yesterday afternoon. And still PennDOT refuses to put in a red light with the proper approach warning signage. more »»

Something better?

August 26, 2015 The Democrats say there is white privilege in this country. I am 78 and still working. more »»

Where does the blame go?

August 26, 2015 Everyone is concerned for the condition of our world and specifically of our own city. more »»

Goodbye, mentor

August 25, 2015 A teacher has many roles and performs nothing short of magic while influencing and mentoring us. Bob Shelinski was a master at this and many other things. more »»

Had enough?

August 25, 2015 In its report about the August 11th meeting of the Montoursville School Board, the Sun Gazette missed some very interesting and important facts about the presentation from CRA, the architects for th... more »»

Armed by Constitution

August 24, 2015 President Obama's greatest frustration during the presidency has been his inability to ban semi-automatic firearms, large capacity magazines, and ammunition from law-abiding gun owners under the... more »»


August 24, 2015 Liberal social Democrats will say or do anything to get the women, hispanics, poor or black to vote for their party. For instance, Mrs. Clinton addressing mostly black voters said black lives matte. more »»

The jet

August 24, 2015 I would like to give a big thank you to the pilot that was flying the jet plane that went over our house on Aug. 15, about 2:30-4 p.m. My husband and grandson were playing ball outside in the yar. more »»


August 23, 2015 morning. When the Montoursville Area High School building project controversy heated up, I like many others started paying attention and found things very telling to this engineer's eye. more »»

Spoiled children

August 23, 2015 Our distinguished representatives in Congress who are trying to torpedo the Iran nuclear agreement are behaving just like the kid in the playground who picks up his ball and threatens to leave when... more »»

The Confederate flag

August 23, 2015 A recent writer claimed that a “very good friend” of his had researched the Confederate flag and found all sorts of religious symbolism. more »»

Here we go again

August 23, 2015 Again today the news had that another black teenager “unarmed” was shot and killed by a white police officer. more »»

Obama’s vacations

August 23, 2015 Everyone needs a vacation, but who pays for it? I find it appalling that the average person can’t afford a vacation. But our President goes on extravagant vacations continuously and we pay for it. more »»

Mental confusion

August 22, 2015 The article Sunday, "Transgender students open up", provided some insight into the issue of transgenderism, that its cause is not in the genetics but was caused by someone trying to make a child int... more »»



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