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Bait and switch

October 26, 2015 The Ivanpah solar energy facility in the Mohave Desert consists of solar collecting mirrors that focus sunlight on a boiler to produce steam to power generators. The plant received $1. more »»

Playing games

October 26, 2015 Muncy Twp. residents, your supervisors are playing games with your fire protection. You may not have fire protection if they have their way. more »»

School comparisons

October 25, 2015 School bells ringing child… but wait a minute why am I still in this picture at 81? First, I was educated under the old system of the 3 R’s; refreshing your memory reading, writing and arithmetic. more »»

Hypocrites line up on Sesame Street

October 25, 2015 Mass killers receive national attention and recognition from President Obama, unless they're from Chicago, where hundreds murdered each year are ignored by his administration and the anti-gun... more »»


October 25, 2015 Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free. (Think this one over and over…makes sense!) The definition of the word conundrum is: something that is puzzling or confusin. more »»

The wrong question

October 25, 2015 In the wake of the recent mass shooting tragedy the gun rights debate has predictably sparked anew. more »»

The risks

October 25, 2015 This is not a liberal, pinko, tree-hugger conspiracy. These are facts determined by the health-care institutions we all depend upon and trust. more »»

Tiresome diatribe

October 25, 2015 I am sure that the American people are getting somewhat worn out with hearing the same diatribe from our president every time there is a shooting. more »»

Not surprised

October 25, 2015 No, I am not surprised at the somewhat postulating results of the Billy Casper Management Group, the consulting firm hired to study the White Deer Golf Course operations and facilitie. more »»

Big thanks

October 25, 2015 As the principal at Hepburn Lycoming Primary School I would like to say a big thanks to our local emergency responders from the Old Lycoming Volunteer Fire Company, Hepburn Township Volunteer Fire... more »»

Ice cream issues

October 24, 2015 I attended the Montoursville Fall Festival. I walked up to a vendor advertising apple dumplings for $4. Another item listed was ice cream for $1 per scoop. more »»

A real shame

October 24, 2015 I am writing to you in regards to a fungus blight in spruce trees and how to treat it so as not to lose your trees. more »»

A little humor

October 24, 2015 I recently went to a local CVS to get my flu shot and noticed a long line of people, so I stood in the line and I heard was people praising the Democrats and President Obama. more »»

Gun laws

October 23, 2015 Here we go again, another mass shooting in the region, 10 dead. Before these people are in their graves, the President is on TV calling for more gun laws. more »»

Muncy Creek firemen and taxpayers

October 23, 2015 We as taxpayers over 50 years have given more than our share to Muncy Creek Fire Company. Don’t let your greed for services to be cut off to tax payers. more »»


October 23, 2015 A call for more cops is typical. more »»

Change the priorities

October 23, 2015 I would like to give the Lycoming County taxpayers some advice. The Lycoming County landfill has been for years making profitable margins. Now, operations are running into debt. more »»

Taxing situation

October 23, 2015 Gov. Wolf says the corporate and property taxes in Pennsylvania are too high. I couldn’t agree more. Where the governor and I disagree is in that lowering them means we have to increase other taxes. more »»

Class warfare

October 22, 2015 We all know everything cost more,I'll concede that point Mr. McGill. So lets identify the groups involved in the war. Senior Citizens – The Greatest Generation. The Middle Class, people like Mr. more »»

A horrible act

October 22, 2015 This is about a very young little girl. Someone killed her dog, her best friend and her companion. She doesn’t understand why he isn’t coming home. more »»



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