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Tale of the swallow

August 7, 2015 One father barn swallow alone persuaded me to get his nest with a family of birds in it out of an apple tree where I had placed it and put it back up in a basement joist where I had removed it from. more »»

Saving Woapalanne

August 7, 2015 In the 1990s it was an honor/privilege to drive special needs children, of all ages, to school for WASD. Woapalanne was their treat and mine to see and hear their excitement. more »»

Faulty thinking

August 7, 2015 I saw your article about tradition at Penn State, Zac! Sorry but I disagree with your line of thinking, for a few different reasons. 1.) Four or five years of sweat and strain just to make varsity 2. more »»

Unsettling similarities

August 6, 2015 Islamic fundamentalists have created a reign of terror in parts of the Middle East. They violently suppress and terrorize those who disagree with their narrow, savage point of view. more »»

African obsession

August 6, 2015 President Obama, if you are so concerned about Africa, please resign your present job, move your family and you to Africa and help them; you have helped us enough. more »»

Instructive letter

August 6, 2015 Ida Temple's letter today notified us of the fact that we need to be critical of politicians. Donald Trump would not make a good president because he does not think before he speak. more »»

Frustrated in traffic

August 6, 2015 Frustration while waiting for traffic lights seems more common every yea. more »»

In worse shape

August 5, 2015 I read the short letter from David Frye in the paper on July 3, 2015, entitled, “I wonder.” I agree with Mr. more »»

Annoying fan

August 5, 2015 I debated writing this in fear it would not go in the paper. I have enjoyed watching baseball at Bowman Field the past many years, when I was a young boy back in the ‘40s. more »»

Tired of it

August 5, 2015 I am sick and tired of seeing all these welfare bums, and the way the government pays to raise their children while they sit at home and do nothing. more »»

Civics 101

August 5, 2015 To all the children of the Montoursville School District, I hope your eyes are wide open. The controversy pertaining to the school project is a wonderful lesson in civics. more »»

Affordable care?

August 4, 2015 According to the “Invertors Business Daily” the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) has led to healthcare deductibles of $5,000 to $6,000 for both policies on and off the exchanges. more »»

Confederate deserters

August 4, 2015 Some in the South were not loyal to the Confederate cause. While recent events have shined a light on Confederate heritage and the meaning of the Confederacy much has been neglecte. more »»

Donald Trump is Trumping himself

August 3, 2015 Donald Trump is being crucified for telling the truth about the Mexican border, they’re pouring over the border by the thousands, some good people and some really bad people, also illegal drugs,... more »»


August 3, 2015 I don’t know if the American people remember, but back when President Ronald Regan was president of the United States, we forgave Mexico’s national debt to America, to the tune of 2.5 billion dollars. more »»

In need of superhero

August 3, 2015 I remember when I was a kid and used to read super hero comic books. more »»

Save our America

August 2, 2015 The human race now and has forever seemed to live in a world where some individuals, in a quest for power, have become tyrant. more »»


August 2, 2015 Williamsport’s city pension costs doubled in 4 years time and this minimum municipal obligation has been dubiously misconstrued by everyone who allowed workers and unions to dictate to them and sign... more »»

Proper priorities

August 2, 2015 The issue for me is "Just because you want it, doesn't give you the right to use my money to pay for it." I pay taxes to the federal government, state government. more »»

Misguided outrage

August 2, 2015 In her recent letter, Ms. Enigk presented various statistics that do not seem credibl. more »»



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