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Award worthy

March 25, 2014 I hope and pray that the Williamsport Sun-Gazette will receive an award for the most outstanding and colorful news and business layout this year. Priscilla M. more »»

Poor, poor

March 25, 2014 Poor Mrs. Sandusky! She is sticking by a child molester while he was molesting boys, she didn’t have to be bothered by him, he misses family, what a riot! Shame on him, shame on her. more »»

Senior citizens

March 24, 2014 When are they going to wise up and start testing older drivers? In Jersey Shore, going the wrong way, killing himself and injuring three others in another car. more »»

Say what?

March 24, 2014 Our country is in so much financial difficulty ourselves and Sen. more »»

Everyone do it

March 24, 2014 CVS says they will stop selling tobacco products in their stores come October. Wouldn’t it be something if other chain stores that have pharmacies would decide the same thing? Berton L. more »»

Saber rattling

March 24, 2014 One should never rattle a saber while reducing one's military. more »»

Pure dishonesty

March 23, 2014 I feel compelled to respond to a statement in Phil Underwood's letter in the March 7 2014 letter column: "Creationism versus evolution is an example of religious conflict with science. more »»

Visiting bakery

March 23, 2014 It's good for area school superintendents to regularly visit local industries and business. more »»

Teach your children

March 23, 2014 In CSNY’s classic song “Teach your children”, there is a line, “...and feed them on your dream “ The Obama administration is feeding our children on dreams all right — with a nightmare to come. more »»


March 23, 2014 After reading the article in the newspaper about the woman who was arrested for not getting her daughter the proper care that she needed should not be allowed to get away with this. more »»

Not religious

March 23, 2014 I am responding to Belton Mobley’s letter about AA and NA being religious organizations and encouraging clergy not to allow their meetings in their buildings. more »»


March 23, 2014 Whose leadership endangers the 2nd Amendment and students safety? Connecticut's "Democrat" Governor Dan Malloy enacted a gun control law after the Sandy Hook massacre when 20 students and 6 staff... more »»

Religious freedom

March 23, 2014 The Bill of Rights guarantees religious freedom in this country. more »»

But who?

March 23, 2014 I'd like to comment on two recent letters that were printed in the opinion section. The first is one written by Michael Shulski titled The gun issue, Saturday, March 15, 2014. more »»


March 23, 2014 A New York Appellate Court recently found a local ordinance requiring an inspection and rental occupancy permit prior to occupancy of rental units unconstitutional. ATM One, LLC v. more »»

7 brides, 1 brother

March 22, 2014 I wonder why conservative Christians and Mormons or anyone else who condemns science and reason are still having so many kids. more »»

Potential victim

March 22, 2014 This letter is in response to Michael Shulski's letter of March 15,2014. entitled "The Gun Issue" I suggest it's worthwhile reading for anyone who wants to get a good idea of "Liberal Speak. more »»

Mail priorities

March 22, 2014 “There’s No Need to End Saturday Mail Delivery” says Senator Bernie Sanders in the Wall Street Journal of March 5, 2014. He explains. more »»

Corbett’s motive

March 21, 2014 I read with interest the article about the governor trying to prevent the consideration of William Capoulliez as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Mr. more »»

Economic woes

March 21, 2014 The problems wage earners are facing like poor or non-existent raises and lack of jobs is a result of our anemic economic recovery. more »»



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