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The next Reagan?

December 29, 2014 I remember I was 21 years old and living on my parent's farm when Ronald Reagan became president. I didn't know much about politics but didn't have to to see that this was a great leader. more »»

Getting the facts straight

December 29, 2014 Regarding the editorial Dec. 15 on the Garner tragedy: You say that watching the video of this confrontation had you stunned and horrified. more »»

Missing the science

December 29, 2014 Realizing that the editorial staff of a major news organ such as the Sun-Gazette cannot possibly have time to address all issues in depth, I decided to do a little research on President Obama's... more »»

City government

December 28, 2014 It is somewhat upsetting to this writer, that the Williamsport City Council and the Mayor, do not work together. more »»

Gun owners violated

December 28, 2014 President Obama declared, "the fight for more gun laws "ought to obsess all Americans," after the Washington Naval Shipyard shooting which killed 12, and the Newtown, Conn. more »»

Education, freedom

December 28, 2014 Recently I had the irritating misfortune of reading yet another narrow minded, pinched view of education from an exceedingly ill-informed letter-to-the-editor writer. more »»

Unfulfilled promises

December 28, 2014 The media have it wrong; President Obama is not doing what he says he'll do. The Obama Administration has said that they'd do different things for our nation, but they're not doing those things. more »»

Acts of violence?

December 28, 2014 I have been following closely the recent report of the bipartisan (eight (8) Democrats, seven (7) Republicans), Senate Intelligence Committee investigations into alleged human rights violations by... more »»

Thoughts on turmoil

December 27, 2014 A few 'tongue in cheek' thoughts during this time of national turmoil: 1. When free housing, welfare checks, free food and free education just aren't enough one can always turn to looting. . more »»

Demanding balance

December 27, 2014 White middle class Americans don't see much relevance in placing themselves in any particular race status, while racial minorities can't disassociate themselves from such identity. more »»

Cruel corporation

December 26, 2014 When did corporations turn into dogs, and why is my leg constantly wet? I don't listen to much music. Music doesn't mix well with my A.D.D. and O.C.D. and probably some other abbreviation. more »»

Sad things

December 26, 2014 I have been trying my hardest the last week to stay away from politics and focus on spiritual matters. I just can't ignore it anymore. more »»

Merry Christmas

December 26, 2014 To the person who picked up the package left on the River Valley Transit bus going to Newberry last Friday afternoon.. I hope you enjoy the gifts. more »»

Christmas lights

December 25, 2014 Nice story about L. J. Boone’s automated Christmas lighting display. I haven’t been by it, but I’m sure it is very nice and a lot of work. more »»

The most important part

December 25, 2014 I would like to remind everybody that the most important part of Christmas is the first six letters. Berton L. more »»

Time to put foot down

December 25, 2014 Are you kidding me, the county spent $800,000 on that stupid box for the new district court, I would love to see the real contract for the project. more »»

The other side

December 25, 2014 I found the recent letter about unfair landlords interesting, as I have been on the other side. more »»

Not pleased

December 24, 2014 Do you all remember a couple months back when Tom Marino was running for office again, that he said that was all for Pennsylvania, Jobs, and the welfare of our state. more »»

‘A Shared Civic Responsibility’

December 24, 2014 To question, challenge and publicly discuss the choices of our elected representatives is a Constitutionally protected right and a necessity to a functioning democracy. more »»

For seniors

December 23, 2014 I have been watching for a letter in response to Mr. Faust’s vitriolic letter regarding senior citizens. more »»



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