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What’s he done?

December 20, 2014 When I was at the Lycoming County Fair this year, someone asked me what has R. more »»

It has to stop

December 20, 2014 In regards to a local group identifying itself as the “Breakfast Club,” and writing nasty letters to people’s homes and using foul language — it has to stop. more »»


December 20, 2014 It’s no wonder the crime in Williamsport is so bad. Williamsport police have nothing to do but go around and make people move their saw horses from the curb. more »»

Stark delineation

December 19, 2014 An article in the section B of the Sunday, Nov. 30 Sun-Gazette written by Cheryl R. Clarke is perhaps the most pertinent information ever published by this so-called newspaper. more »»

Food for souls

December 19, 2014 This afternoon the heavy going home traffic on Maynard Street was bumper to bumper in all four lanes as far as the eye could see both directions. more »»

Thumbs up

December 18, 2014 I’m appalled at this hands up gesture against police departments, especially when some of our political leaders join the fury. more »»

Where it started

December 18, 2014 I just read the editorial of Paul Goldsmith (12/5). I agree with him about Williamsport’s problems with heroin, along with the crime began when Jessie Bloom was in office. more »»

Special rules

December 18, 2014 If I got $4.5 million behind in my taxes, I’d probably be sitting in a federal prison somewhere instead of being able to be invited to Washington D.C. more »»


December 17, 2014 I can no longer sit on the sidelines and be silent while watching our federal government bending over backwards to appease the world. more »»

Gambling can be devastating

December 17, 2014 If the writer's intent is to assert that we are overregulated by government, one must agree. However, when he claims that gambling is victimless, one must dissent. more »»

Regarding ‘Chutzpah Party’

December 17, 2014 To the writer of the “Chutzpah Party” letter, why are you such a hater? James Potter Linden ... more »»

What you can do?

December 16, 2014 I am getting tired, no wait a minute, I am tired of that part of our society that screams and cries injustice every time something negative happens to them. more »»

Unfair landlords

December 16, 2014 My girlfriend and I are just wondering how landlords are getting away with are getting away with raising rents to astronomical levels when nothing is being done to the properties in question!! Our... more »»

Regarding Eric Garner

December 16, 2014 Sadly, it is no longer a sin to kill a mocking bird. more »»

Black Friday

December 16, 2014 I don’t think the people in Ferguson, Missouri, had much to celebrate on Black Friday. What the vandals didn’t steal, they burned down. These vandals should have been shot on sight. more »»

Interrogation idea

December 16, 2014 With the effectiveness of "enhanced interrogation" methods being questioned, I have an idea: How about just saying pretty please to the terrorists and waterboarding the politicians instead, to make... more »»

Our last hope

December 15, 2014 I remember when I was a kid and my cousin and I used to play in the fallout shelter my uncle built in case the Soviet Union dropped a nuke on us. more »»

No tax increase

December 15, 2014 I want to thank Mayor Campana for fighting to prevent a tax increase. It seems like every level of government is trying to convince us that we can afford more taxe. more »»

Save the soul

December 15, 2014 Save the soul of Williamsport. I say we should make a concerted effort to support local bookstores. more »»

Jimmy Carter

December 15, 2014 Former president, Jimmy Carter, must be feeling really good about himself these days and smiling a lot. more »»



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