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Corbett holding out for budget that includes some answers

July 2, 2014 We are supposed to have a state budget today. We don’t. Not without Gov. Tom Corbett’s signatur. more »»

No state budget yet: Pay attention to the reasons why

July 1, 2014 We are supposed to have a state budget today. We don’t. more »»

Lots for Americans to be worried about where Iraq is concerned

June 30, 2014 Americans should be worried about the war in Iraq, for various reasons. One concern is that the Sunni army assaulting Iraq’s Shiite-controlled government may interrupt oil shipment. more »»

Resist temptation to make gas industry the budget solution

June 29, 2014 too many projected expenses, not enough revenue to cover them, and some long-term problems to solve in the process. That's not new new. more »»

Some doing more harm than good with environmental laws

June 28, 2014 Nature Conservancy scientists are collaborating with Dow Chemical Co. to develop a plan that would help solve several environmental problems with one effort – plant more trees. more »»

Library reading program weapon to bolster literacy

June 27, 2014 The fight to increase literacy in Lycoming County is a never-ending one. But it's a fight that must be won. No white surrender flags are allowed. more »»

Penn College tuition hits middle ground, but cost is a concern

June 26, 2014 It could be worse. We wish it were less. The Pennsylvania College of Technology Board of Trustees last week approved a 3.85-percent tuition increase for the 2014-15 school year. more »»

Leadership Lycoming hopefully the nest for future problem solvers

June 25, 2014 The latest set of potential future leaders of this community graduated from the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce Leadership Lycoming program last wee. more »»

City gets hockey money; Hopefully, lessons were learned

June 24, 2014 Better late than never. Better something than nothing. more »»

Unlike real world, Obamacare gets forgiveness for errors

June 23, 2014 A health insurance company that notified one-fourth of its customers their rates might go up or they might not get coverage at all because of an in-office mistake with records might well pay the... more »»

Budget tug-of-war pits politics against long-term solutions

June 22, 2014 Quite possibly, Gov. Tom Corbett has made the calculation that the only way to get pension reform and liquor privatization is to hold up the next state budget until it happens. more »»

EPA coming down hard – again – on coal-fired power plants

June 21, 2014 The recent announcement the Environmental Protection Agency is coming down hard on existing coal-fired power plants raises literally hundreds of questions. more »»

The public union double standards include lobbying

June 20, 2014 If a person receives more than $2,500 pay in a quarter on lobby activities in Pennsylvania, they are required to register as a lobbyist with the state. more »»

Transitional Living Center’s concept producing results

June 19, 2014 A woman is progressing toward the end of a prison sentence and has the attitude to turn her life around. But she doesn't know where to start. She needs to blend back into the traditional community. more »»

New opportunities attached to gas drilling continue

June 18, 2014 Chemical engineers can receive starting salaries of $66,000, according to recent figures, and some can earn six figures. more »»

Grafius Run, Bowman Field work both deserve attention

June 17, 2014 Williamsport Mayor Gabriel J. Campana wants to find funds in the city’s budget to solve flooding problems at Grafius Run rather than spending it painting bare wood grandstands at Bowman Field. more »»

Latest oil prices scream for OK of Keystone XL pipeline

June 16, 2014 Oil prices are back above $100 a barrel, and that will hit U.S. motorists at the gasoline pumps. The most recent price increase, to $103.04 a barrel for benchmark U.S. more »»

Stopping heroin flow starts with cutting dealers from equation

June 15, 2014 A 26-year-old Roaring Branch man died in a Williamsport apartment March 21, apparently from a fatal dose of heroin. more »»

School board correctly rejects stadium/track facility bids

June 15, 2014 The Williamsport Area School Board recently voted unanimously to reject bids for improvements to Williamsport Area High School football stadium/track facility. We should hope so. more »»

Obama’s latest thumbing of nose to Congress is a matter of life and death

June 14, 2014 Once again — this time in a matter of life and death — President Barack Obama has thumbed his nose at Congress. Many members, both Democrat and Republican, are angr. more »»



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