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Obama content to trust Iranians – and let them verify

October 10, 2015 It is highly doubtful the FBI, on the trail of a terrorist bomb-maker, would ask him to provide samples of the wood from his basement workbench to be tested for traces of explosive materials. more »»

Marino bill to speed wheels of progress deserves approval

October 9, 2015 The wheels of progress grind very slowly in Washington. U.S. Rep. Tom Marino, a Cogan Station Republican who represents our region, would like to change that. more »»

Boehner grows tired of a Speaker’s juggling act

October 9, 2015 As the House Speaker, Ohio Rep. John Boehner was the third most powerful person in the United States government. But to him, he probably felt more like a circus juggler. more »»

Project Bald Eagle public meeting brings some scary stories

October 8, 2015 A woman named Nikki ran out of pain medication prescribed to her for a work-related injury. She turned to heroin as the replacement, getting it from a cousin. more »»

Common sense can ease police-citizen relations, interactions

October 7, 2015 The Sun-Gazette recently published a story outlining citizen and police dos and don’ts that apply to traffic stops. We hope everyone read it and, if not, does so now. more »»

Latest EPA push an unnecessary economic disaster

October 6, 2015 We are thankful for the impact stricter environmental regulations have had over the past half century. more »»

Buckle up and get your flu shot for your own good

October 5, 2015 If you are like most people, you buckle your seatbelt when you get in a car or truck. After all, with about 33,000 traffic deaths each year in the United States, there’s no sense taking chances. So .. more »»

Pope brings serene focus and lessons for world to live by

October 4, 2015 Pope Francis hit all the high notes in his visit to our state and nation. more »»

Any proposition from North Korea’s Kim is certain to be a losing one

October 3, 2015 For decades, with both Democrats and Republicans in the White House, North Korea’s supremely brutal family dictatorship was able to get away with military blackmail. The U.. more »»

Lots of missing pieces to the gas severance tax push

October 2, 2015 The political factions that are holding Pennsylvania hostage in the name of a gas severance tax use the party line that the energy industry is a bottomless pit of money that can easily afford a tax... more »»

A third party – the victims – needed to end budget impasse

October 1, 2015 Three of the lawmakers who represent our region in Harrisburg were in Sun-Gazette editorial offices last week to summarize the state budget stalemate. more »»

For sake of citizens, fire services rift must be resolved

September 30, 2015 Mergers of fire companies can work and may well become a necessity in the future. more »»

Wallet raid from Wolf budget plan tops $1,000 annually

September 29, 2015 You may think the state budget impasse is nothing more than political mud wrestling that does not impact you. That would be understandable. It would also be incorrect. more »»

Institutions of higher learning have free speech balance role

September 28, 2015 Suggesting terrorists may attempt to enter the country through a program to admit Syrian immigrants could land you in trouble at the University of California system in the future. more »»

Numbers belie the real condition of the jobs market

September 27, 2015 It's always nice to see that Pennsylvania's jobless rate is a relatively low 5.4 percent, as it was in August and May, the past two reporting dates of the state Department of Labor and Industry. more »»

U.S.-Russia talks needed; but let’s show some spine

September 26, 2015 Secretary of State John Kerry has said he is considering acceptance of an offer for U.S. and Russian military leaders to discuss Moscow’s new assistance program for Syria. more »»

State chamber gets valuable lesson Wolf should have heard

September 25, 2015 Sometimes getting an outsider’s viewpoint of ourselves defines where we are and where we should be going. more »»

Comprehensive plan meetings present a unique opportunity

September 24, 2015 The formal name is comprehensive plan. The working title is “Lycoming 2030: Plan the Possible. more »»

Senate passes stopgap budget, Wolf vetoes it and the state loses

September 23, 2015 So the state Senate has passed its stopgap spending plan of $11 billion in short-term spending and Gov. Wolf has given no indication he likes that idea anymore than the budget he was fed June 30. more »»

Completing tourism puzzle can mean big dollars for area

September 22, 2015 Tourism dollars can be a big part of an area’s economy. more »»



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