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What is Christmas about?

November 28, 2015 What is Christmas all about? When I was a child Christmas actually meant something, You never saw stores open on Christmas because this was a family day. more »»

It’s a good thing

November 28, 2015 William Heggenstaller from Jersey Shore had a letter printed where he talked about how Obama wants to take away our guns. more »»

Open our doors

November 28, 2015 The Sunday Region article "Echoes of Azilum" was a particularly timely and poignant piece about political refugees coming to America to escape beheadings. more »»

Confederate flags

November 27, 2015 Recently, I returned home to Lycoming County for a much-anticipated visit. more »»

Unintended consequences

November 27, 2015 I hear the Republican Party is thinking of moving against Donald Trump's campaign. more »»

A standout weekend

November 27, 2015 Preservation Williamsport hit another home run this year with Victorian Christmas weekend. more »»

Reassurance needed

November 26, 2015 Governor Wolf, ignoring the wishes of the majority of his residents, is intending to accept refugees. more »»

Reasonable argument

November 26, 2015 Paul Goldsmith's letter Nov. 11, made a reasonable argument that Americans should carry guns with them because terrorists might attack at any minute. more »»

Syrian immigration

November 26, 2015 I believe before anyone is admitted from Syria, the following must be followed: • The Visa is only valid for the duration of the conflict causing immigration. more »»

Casey on Kate’s Law

November 26, 2015 I wonder what Sen. Casey thinks of Sen. Reid not letting a vote take place on Kate’s Law. I sure would like to know. more »»

Obama’s joke

November 25, 2015 He is so into pushing climate change and dirty air but he is constantly flying by jet planes that are spewing jet fuel exhaust into our atmosphere that contaminates our air that was break and on the... more »»


November 25, 2015 In the paper Nov. 15, the title, “The Best Reasons” that Eugene Sellers wrote on was so right about Ben Carson. He is the right person at this time and for all the right reasons. God Bless America. more »»

The mayor needs to wake up

November 25, 2015 I heard the mayor seems to think there are no homeless people in Williamsport. more »»


November 25, 2015 When the city property owners saw the headlines of the newspaper Nov. 17 it made many angry. more »»

Hollow bombs

November 24, 2015 When we become that which we fight, they have won without setting foot on our shore. more »»

ISIS, insects of peace gardens

November 24, 2015 How can you kill the bad insects of your garden without killing the good ones? Logically with terrorists you will kill good people because these cowards hide behind them. more »»

Accept responsibility

November 24, 2015 Why is it so difficult for our government to accept the responsibility in such cases and Benghazi? How many people remember another grave injustice? USS Indianapolis. more »»

It’s in the math!

November 24, 2015 The Republicans in the state House of Representatives unanimously rejected Governor Wolf’s proposed budget that would have increased the State’s 3.07% personal income tax rate to 3.57% a. more »»

For Clean Power Plan

November 23, 2015 The Clean Power Plan is under attack from the fossil fuel industry. It is considered hazardous to the industry and its bottom line. more »»

Wrongheaded thinking

November 23, 2015 The reactions to the Paris attacks are exposing the wrongheaded thinking that has allowed Islamic terrorism to reach its current strength and danger to the western world. more »»

Seeing the world differently

November 23, 2015 The letter about Dr. Ben Carson in a recent Sunday paper was the worst ever written. The writer and Al Gore should stick to global warming and make half sense. more »»



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Senior Pets Rock

November 9, 2015 Senior pets are by far the best companions I’ve ever had. Having adopted/rescued seniors for the past 15 years, I never understood the whole ‘need’ for a puppy, I gues. more »

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