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Mistake of the Union

January 28, 2010 - Cheryl Clarke

I watched President Obama's "State of the Union" address Wednesday night.Here's what I was able to  "hear between the lines" of his scripted speech.

Obama is an eloquent speaker, but if you are looking for substance in what he said, better keep looking, as you are going to be disappointed. I thought it was mostly rhetoric.

His speech was heavy with blaming and finger pointing, mostly at the Republican minority for Congress's inability to "get anything done."

Why that was necessary I don't know, as he has the biggest majority of his own party in history seated in Congress (his words) and doesn't even need the Republicans to "get anything done."

If you ask them, the Republican minority have been forthcoming with plenty of alternatives to the expensive health care reform bill he was obviously referring to, though he didn't even mention it till 40 minutes into his speech.

Even though Obama said their ideas were welcome, Republicans will tell you they have been shut out of the closed door meetings with Democrats as they try to finagle a way around the Constitution and get the bill passed before Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, can be sworn in, ending the Democrats' "super majority."

What Obama  didn't say was the real reason he hasn't been able to get anything done- because some of the more conservative members of his own party see the folly in the bill he, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are trying to ramrod through Congress, an expansion of government control over the lives of the people he professes to want to "help."

Instead of trying to "help" us by pushing something on us we can neither afford or want, that will end up giving government control of who gets health care and who doesn't, maybe the administration should re-read the Constitution, which says we are to have a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

I say, we the people don't need the government's help, it needs our help. We don't need to be listening to what it thinks is right for us, it needs to be listening to us, the people, about what we know is right for us.

Such as what we are going to do about the ever deepening hole of debt to foreign nations, particularly China, the administration is digging for our children and grandchildren to pay back because of the so-called "stimulous" packages. The only thing they stimulated were the fat cats running the banking industry. Unemployment is at its highest rate and climbing. When are we going to figure out that more government control and "bail-outs" are not the answer?

Instead, we need tort reform and caps on medical malpractice lawsuits for a start to fix our health care system and an opening between state lines for people to have a bigger choice in insurance plans.

Additionally, we need tax cuts and incentives for businesses, especially small businesses, and start-up capital for entreprenuers who want to start businesses. Even though Obama said he wants to help small businesses, can we really believe it is going to happen? I wish I could say I believe it will. 

Despite his personal "likability," more and more in the nation realize the "mistake" they made in electing this man to the highest office in the land, based mostly on his eloquence, because he didn't have a resume to speak of. As more of the population realizes what is happening, Obama's approval ratings drop.

We will get a chance to try to repair some of the damage this fall, when most of Congress is up for re-election. Let's get it right this time, and restore some balance to our Legislature, and maybe we will see some real "hope and change we can believe in."

If we don't, I fear in the end, the only "change" we will see is what is left jingling in our pockets after our paychecks( those of us who still have paychecks, that is), have been pillaged by our government. 


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