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TCU vs. Boise State...The Real National Championship

December 16, 2009 - Chris Masse

Dear TCU and Boise State,

Congratulations are in order. Although the ultra-biased Bowl Championship Series once again tried shutting you out of the championship picture I am happy to inform you that you are indeed playing for a national championship.

Let Alabama and Texas play for the BCS championship because that is all it is. It is not a true national championship since five undefeated teams are remaining and three of them are being kept out because they were not powerhouses 25 years ago and are not the big revenue generators that their BCS darlings are.

The so-called national championship is a myth and anyone who is undefeated has a right to claim they are indeed the nation’s best Division I college football team. All the BCS title game has ever been is a matter of opinion and everyone has an opinion so just about anyone can claim to be a national champion in this ridiculous system.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that TCU and Boise State will be playing for the first annual Williamsport Sun-Gazette National Championship.

Print up the shirts now. Tell all your friends and most importantly, tell the BCS and their enablers at ESPN, ABC and CBS the news. The BCS championship is a matter of opinion by the media so our national championship carries just as much merit. We are diehard college football fans and we are members of the media.

And it is our opinion that you are the country’s top two college football teams. Do not let anyone tell you that this is not a real national championship either. Remind them that USC is recognized as a 2003 national champion even though it did not play in that year’s BCS title game.

You will not be discriminated against anymore. Your Sun-Gazette national championship will carry as much honor as the BCS championship. To the winner, plaster your national title banner around your field, around campus, in gymnasiums and shout out from the hill tops that you are the country’s best team.

What’s that you say? Never heard of Williamsport? That’s perfect because most people, including so many of the national media that vote in the BCS and influence its outcome, have barely heard of your schools. Sure they try to say they have, but they never give you more than a passing glance because to understand what has made both your programs so good would require actually watching your team play and that is something they do not want to do. They would simply rather just stick with the teams they grew up watching and cheering for and thinking were superior.

Truth be told, though, we here in Williamsport are nationally recognized for 10 days each year since we are the home of Little League Baseball and the Little League World Series. Therefore, one could call us the new Titletown, USA. And that is perfect because you two are now playing for the richest prize in college football.

The fact that every year this city crowns a world champion lends even more credence to your national championship banner.

We could have chosen anyone to play in our national championship but we chose you two because we love the product you both have put on the field all season. TCU has an offense that has been virtually unstoppable at times, not to mention a solid defense and some of the best athletes in the game.Boise State has continued building on an excellent tradition while beating PAC 10 champion Oregon, a team ESPN was drooling about earlier this season after it clubbed Mark May’s No. 1 darling USC.

TCU hammered BYU which defeated Oklahoma in front of a largely Oklahoma crowd in its season opener. That is the same Oklahoma team that Texas barely beat and yet gets credit for that being a huge win. BYU’s win came when Oklahoma was ranked in the top five, was healthy and had a whole more to play for so it counts more in our eyes than the Texas win.

Which brings us to another thing and that is Boise State and TCU playing tougher conference games than Texas did in the horribly watered-down Big 12 championship. I mean, the Big 12 barely mustered a Top 25 team for Texas to play in its championship and then that team which was debatable to be included in the Top 25, came within one second of winning.

And that is supposed to impress us?

Texas really has no quality wins to hang its Stetsons on so they are out as is Cincinnati which is playing a one-loss team in its bowl game, thus excluding it from discussion. After all, you have to beat the best to be the best.

Alabama is out the door because Utah humiliated it in front of a huge Alabama crowd at last year’s Sugar Bowl. Yes, it was last year but using the BCS’s logic what you did in the past influences what happens to you in the present so cry me a river Crimson Tide.

And Boise State and TCU, you know as well as I do that the reason the BCS put you two in the same bowl game was because they were scared to death you would humiliate one of their BCS conference teams–again.

But I digress. Using the BCS "logic" I stated above, that leaves you, TCU, and you, Boise State, as the country’s two best teams. I admit it’s not the most sound logic but when was the last time BCS and logic ever were mentioned in the same sentence. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to the Sun-Gazette.

So spread the word TCU and Boise State and print up the t-shirts so you can proudly wear them as soon as time expires and the Fiesta Bowl goes into the record books. Then go to the nearest TV camera and say this to all the BCS backers...

"You can try shutting us out but we are the national champions of college football.

"The Williamsport Sun-Gazette said so."

Best of luck,

Chris Masse

Williamsport Sun-Gazette National Championship Selection Chairman







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