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We need an American Hero

October 29, 2008 - Cheryl Clarke

These troubled times we are in right now may not go away right away. We all need to fasten our seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride. How bumpy depends on who we elect to be our next president. Either man is going to face a mountain of problems, and whether or not he is up to the job remains to be seen. Those we elect to Congress are equally important, as it is the Legislature which makes the laws; the president can either sign them into law or veto them, and it is his job to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will not "legislate from the bench" but rather do their job of interpreting the law fairly. 

The president is considered "the leader of the free world" which gives him or her a certain amount of implied power, but only in the realm of his or her influence on Congress and other world leaders. A strong president can be a great asset  to our nation, because he or she presents an image of power, whereas a lack of integrity or sound judgement of the person in the position of president presents an image of weakness. This can endanger our nation, leaving us vulnerable to attacks by other countries, such as the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. After eight years in the 1990s of our commander in chief allowing our enemies to attack us on foreign soil and in foreign waters without taking definitive action, they were finally emboldened enough to attack us on our own soil, bringing about the tragedy of 9-11, and leading us into a long and costly war.

Though five years of war in Iraq has cost us billions of dollars and thousands more lives, we must remember that the men and women who serve in our military are doing so voluntarily. They are there because they want to be there. They are patriots of the first order, and willingly lay down their lives for the country and people they love. Their sacrifice must not be in vain. President Bush, though unpopular, has successfully protected us from being attacked on our own soil by keeping the terrorists occupied elsewhere, and I believe history will one day bear this out. 

As election day approaches, remember to vote in the best interests of our country and its citizens. We need a president who will continue to protect us in this volatile world, and one who can inspire confidence in his people and the world and unify us as a free nation, leading us out of the recession that has gripped the country, and threatens the global economy.

We need a leader who thinks about our country in the way our founding fathers intended us to be. They were patriots who loved their country in spite of its faults, and worked together to make things better for us all. We need an American hero, a man of stature and substance like they were. Think about the importance of your choice as you cast your vote Nov. 4. May God be with us.


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